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Security System Spotlight:LifeShield Security


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Over the next few weeks we will be doing brief security system company spotlights. You can always visit the security company website or you can check out our thorough security system reviews as well for more information on each security system company. Today we’ll take a look at LifeShield Security.

This week we will be looking at a security system company that is on the ascension, LifeShield Security. LifeShield is quickly rising up the ranks and becoming one of the country’s top security system companies because of the great prices and quality equipment. LifeShield Security prides itself on having the lowest monthly monitoring prices amongst its security system competitors. Not only that, but the upfront security system equipment fees are very low too. Quite simply, it is a great value. Compared to other, more expensive security systems on the market, LifeShield offers extra features including fire monitoring, local crime data, unlimited custom reports and online access.

In addition, LifeShield Security is incredibly easy to install. LifeShield Security is one of the best do it yourself security system companies out there. You can easily save a few bucks by not needing that professional installment. Although, LifeShield does offer a professional installation of their security system for just under $100, if DIY security is not your thing. Because of the ease of installation, however, LifeShield is the top choice among renters. It can easily be picked up and moved to a new location. Because of this feature, LifeShield Security could be a good option for college students or those who move frequently. Most students move apartments year after year and college apartments are often an easy target for burglary. Installing a wireless security system that you could move each year would definitely keep your property guarded and be convenient on your pocket book.

On top of all this goodness, LifeShield Security offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a price match guarantee. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better security system deal out there. You can visit our LifeShield Security Review page for more information about LifeShield pricing and features.

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