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How Long Does It Really Take To Install A DIY Security System?

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The traditional in-home technician installation of home security systems is becoming less and less popular as do it yourself security systems become more widely available. DIY security systems are quick and easy to install and don’t require any drilling or wiring normally. Installing a basic wireless security system could take as little as 25-30 minutes, while systems with more sensors could take up to an hour or a little more. Either way, DIY security systems are not only reliable, they are cost effective and won’t require an intensive installation. Even better, you can move the system to a new home if needed.

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Are You Susceptible To A Home Invasion?

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Home invasions and burglaries are an all too familiar occurrence for many families around the country. While many people feel relatively safe in their communities a home invasion can occur at any time, and has become more prevalent in recent years. Many people are unaware of the risk of a break-in and how to prevent one. Today we’ll share some common burglary statistics and show you how a home security system can greatly alter the likelihood of having your home invaded.

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The Basics Of Home Automation

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Home automation is a fast growing trend among homeowners and home security companies. Home automation allows you to install devices that can control your appliances. Home automation not only helps you better control your home appliances, but become more energy efficient as well.

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Security System 101: What Happens When Your System Goes Off?

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Many homeowners who have home security systems have never had their system go off. Most of them don’t know what actually happens when the system is triggered. On the other hand, there are many misconceptions about system’s going off for no reason or false alarm happening in abundance. Today we’re here to quell the myths and state the facts about what really happens when your security system is set off.

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5 Best Security Companies of 2014

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Each year the team at re-evaluates its list of the best security companies and comes up with new company rankings. As we’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2014 it’s once again time to show our list of the best security companies in the nation.


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Best Ways To Obtain A Price Quote For A Home Security System study holistic nutrition online

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With much of the country buried under snow, ice, and frigid temperatures many homeowners are taking the time to research home security systems and get a quote for a home security system. For those that haven’t yet obtained a quote or are looking for the best way to obtain a security system price quote we have some helpful tips for you. Here are some of the best ways to get a quote on a home security system.

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Three Things You Might Not Know About Security Systems kidney didease

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Home security systems have been around, in some form or another, for a long long time. I mean, what do you think the moat around the castle was for?! Despite the fact that the existence of security systems is common knowledge, there are still many things people don’t know about them – and there are still a large number of homes without a home security system installed! Whether you have a security system installed in your home or not, there are still a few things you can learn that you may not have known.

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New Controversial Surveillance App May Threaten the Privacy of Millions of People

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surveillance appIt’s no secret that people always prefer to see the good side of the things that they use on a daily basis. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to live in denial and ignore the obvious drawbacks of everyday products that could eventually work to their disadvantage.

For many years now, home security systems have been considered a viable, effective solution by millions of owners who would do whatever it takes to protect their properties, their loves ones and their valuable belongings. Moreover, inexpensive DIY security systems and mobile apps have become increasingly popular, enabling a wider pool of individuals to deter burglars by implementing the simplest, cheapest measures of precaution.

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The Rich and Famous Use Sci-Fi Home Security Solutions to Protect Their Assets

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security solutionsHave you ever wondered how it would be like to live the life of the insanely rich and famous? You would be always accompanied by an army of chefs, stylists and personal bodyguards. Moreover, you would own expensive jewelry and collectibles and you would do everything it takes to protect them 24/7.

Of course, you wouldn’t have to waste any time trying to compare security systems. Nor would you have to settle for cheap security systems. On the contrary, you would be able to make the most of highly intelligent residential security solutions, based on innovative technology tested and utilized by the U.S. military.

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Two New Security Solutions Supported by Monitronics to Help Users Improve Home Safety red raspberry tea fertility

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security featuresNot too long ago, security-conscious homeowners were forced to rely on improved security solutions to deter perpetrators. Now they have the chance to profit from state-of-the-art security system equipment, displaying special features, extremely reasonable price tags and low monthly fees. They can compare security systems and make a smart decision. Every single year, thousands of manufacturers take pride in a new top security system, designed to please even the most exigent buyers.

This time, the good news comes from Monitronics, a Dallas-based security expert specializing in alarm monitoring, remote home management and affordable, complete security packages for any type of residential property. The sky is the limit when it comes to smart security features supported by Monitronics. The company plans to wow its prospects with 2 new security solutions: FireFighter™ unveiled by Encore Controls and LiftMaster®.

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Thermal Cameras Could Become the Next Best Thing in Home Security Systems flower delivery ontario canada

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thermal camerasProviders of smart home security systems are fully aware of the fact that technology evolves at a fast pace. Therefore, they do everything in their power to give the green light to new generations of state-of-the-art security system equipment, designed to satisfy all the needs and demands of a larger pool of potential buyers.

A top security system should be 100% effective and user-friendly at the same time, in order to impress as many prospects as possible. It’s no secret that many clients who want to want to invest in reliable burglar deterrents are intimidated by highly advanced gadgets that come with insanely heavy price tags. In this context, the real challenge most manufacturers face is to design and launch cheap, simple, user-oriented home security systems worth every cent.

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How to Protect Your Property a From Potentially Lethal Cannabis Fire

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why are cannabis fires so dangerous and how could I possibly protect my loved ones and my assets in the event of such an emergency?

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What’s The Difference Between Wireless & Cellular?

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Wireless security systems are the safest and most reliable type of home security system on the market today, especially when they are combined with cellular monitoring. Customers are flocking to the top alarm companies to purchase wireless security systems with cellular monitoring. However, many potential customers are hesitating due to their confusion about wireless and cellular. What exactly does wireless mean? What exactly does cellular mean? Today we’ll answer that very question.

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Evesham Law Enforcement Apprehend Sixteen-Year-Old Suspects Involved in Rash of Residential Burglaries

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Evesham police officers have recently managed to arrest two teenagers who were allegedly involved in the string of burglaries reported in Kings Grant over the past few weeks.

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The Right Fire Type of Fire Detector and Extinguisher Could Help You Cheat Death in Case of a Devastating Home Fire

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Security-conscious homeowners should invest in quality smoke detectors and extinguishers to limit damages in case of a fire hazard.

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George Town Officials Give the Green Light to Odd Carnival to Curb Crime Rates

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The peculiar carnival organized at the Queensbay Mall from George Town was designed to help people learn self-defense techniques and curb the alarming number of violent and non-violent crimes that make hundreds of victims on an annual basis in this area.

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Innovative Mobile App Monitors More Than 60 Different Devices and Helps People Protect Their Homes

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Over the past few years, phone apps have become increasingly popular, enabling homeowners to control their properties even while they’re away on vacation or on business

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Setting Your Home Security System During The Holidays

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The holidays are fast approaching and that means folks will be heading out of town to visit friends and loved ones. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday times are some of the most heavy travel times throughout the year. While this is a happy time for many, it can be a devastating time for those who incur break-ins, burglaries, or worse. Knowing how to properly set your home security system before traveling for the holidays can save you a ton of time and possible headaches.

Holiday Burglar - Home Security Tips For The Holidays

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Fort Smith-Based Woman Cheats Death, Despite Faulty Fire Detector

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home security system

Millions of Americans are still neglecting the crucial importance of a modern home security system, despite the fact that they are exposed to a plentitude of safety risks on a daily basis. It’s no secret that one burglary is committed every 15 seconds in the U.S. However, property crimes are not the only threat that should be taken into consideration by security-conscious individuals.

Home fires represent an alarmingly common problem triggering considerable financial losses, thousands of fatalities and millions of more or less severe injuries on an annual basis. People can prevent such tragic incidents by simply purchasing and implementing a top security system ensuring effective fire prevention and reliable intrusion detection at any given point in time.

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Fire Demonstration Shows Homeowners Need Fire Prevention Plan on Thanksgiving Day

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Recent studies indicate that the number of kitchen fire hazards hits new records around this holiday. Approximately 400 home fires started in the kitchen are reported on a daily basis, on a national scale. Every year on Thanksgiving Day, representatives from U.S. fire departments have to put out no less than 1,300 devastating cooking fires.

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