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Editor’s Opinion: Vivint Security
If there is such thing as a “hip” company in home security – then Vivint is it. After rebranding the company a few years ago Vivint has become one of the top home security and home automation companies in the country. With a new wireless security system and a focus on home energy management and stellar customer service Vivint is what everyone wants to be – they’re cool.

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Vivint Security Review

Read what our experts think of Vivint home security systems

These days you not only want products you can show off to your friends, but a company that takes you seriously too. Vivint hits a home run when it comes to cool, easy to use and effective products with improved customer service. You want to make your neighbor jealous? Get a home security system from Vivint.

Security System Review’s Industry Innovator – Vivint Home Security
Vivint is like the cool kid in school who has no problem giving you everything he has. Vivint offers home security, home energy management and home automation and does it like no other company out there today.

With 100% wireless and 100% cellular security systems along with an abundance of home energy management products Vivint is changing the game in home security. Not only is Vivint dedicated to providing tremendous service but they’re adamant about saving you money too.

With home appliance control, light management, thermostat control and even solar panel offerings Vivint packs a punch when it comes to value. While Vivint may appear to have higher monthly prices than other top security companies, no other company is offering the kind of energy savings that Vivint is. Not only is Vivint cool but they’ll keep money in your pocket.

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Higher Price, Lower Energy Bills – A Good Trade!
Vivint may not be the cheapest when it comes to price, but there is a lot more value with a security system or home management system from Vivint. All of Vivint’s offerings come with online & remote access as well as some of the newest and most exciting equipment to come out in home security in a long time. Like we said it’s not the cheapest by comparison but when you look at the overall numbers you might be surprised.

Vivint takes pride in its home security offerings but has become a leader in home management and automation. While Vivint is on par with many other home security companies when it comes to up-front cost the little bit extra you pay in monthly fees with Vivint you more than make up for with savings on your home energy bills. That’s a fair trade in our book, and one you’d be silly to pass up.

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Leave It to the Pros
Security systems from Vivint are installed by a technician; letting you sit back, relax and enjoy a brand new security or home management system without lifting a finger. Vivint’s home security systems are 100% wireless and use cellular technology so nophone lines are required and hard wiring is not necessary.

Vivint can also take over existing alarm systems is the equipment you have is compatible with their current offerings. A Vivint technician can visit your home to tell you whether or not the equipment you currently have is usable. You would probably be better off, however, getting a brand new system from Vivint.

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Dedication to Customer Service
Customer service has become one of the most important factors for any purchase in this day in age. Prior to Vivint rebranding its company name from APX Alarm to Vivint their customer service ratings weren’t very good. However, we all make mistakes and the most important thing is that we try to correct them. Vivint is doing just that and has focused on providing customers with unparalleled customer service.

Proving its newfound dedication to customer service are a number of awards received by Vivint in the last year including a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy and the Central Station Services Association Award for service. To be a top home security company you simply cannot overlook customer service and Vivint is becoming one of the best in the category. One call with a Vivint representative will prove it.

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Full Lifetime Warranty
Vivint has a motto for its customers – it says “Live Intelligently”. Well, it seems Vivint follows that motto as well by providing you with a lifetime warranty on all equipment. It doesn’t get much better – or more intelligent – than that.

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Company Name: Vivint (Formerly APX Alarm)
Location: Provo, Utah
Founded: 1997
BBB Accredited: Yes
BBB Rating: C-
Phone Number: 1 (855) 300-1752

Vivint Security Company History
Vivint is based in Provo, UT and was formed as APX Alarm in 1999. In early 2011 the company changed its name to Vivint and began promoting brand new wireless home security equipment and home management systems. Vivint is now North America’s largest provider of home automation with over 500,000 active customers. Vivint also launched a new brand of products around solar energy and is becoming one of the fastest growing providers of home solar panels

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What you won’t find with Vivint is the lowest price, but you most certainly will find the best value – and possibly the most overall savings. How is that possible? Read on to find out why Vivint will actually save you more money than you think.

Customers like it when you keep things smart and simple. Vivint is a company that takes it to another level. Vivint offers three different monthly monitoring packages that are easy for you to understand while providing some of the best value for your hard earned dollars:

Home Security
Energy Management
Home Automation
Most Affordable Great Value Most Popular
Cellular Monitoring Cellular Monitoring Cellular Monitoring
Web/Remote Access Web/Remote Access Web/Remote Access
Two Way Voice Two Way Voice Two Way Voice
Light Control Light Control
Appliance Control Appliance Control
Thermostat Control Thermostat Control
Auto Door Locks
Video Surveillance
$49.99/mo. $57.99/mo. $68.99/mo.
Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

As you can see Vivint provides a lot of bang for the buck. The best thing about it is the money you’ll save on your home energy bills with Vivint’s home energy and home automation management.

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With Vivint you get a lot of equipment for a reasonable up-front price. Not to mention Vivint’s prices are easy to understand and provide enough equipment to protect your home and help you better manage your energy usage:

Home Security
Energy Management
Home Automation
Most Affordable Great Value Most Popular
1 Go!Control Panel 1 Go!Control Panel 1 Go!Control Panel
3 Door/Window Sensors 3 Door/Window Sensors 3 Door/Window Sensors
1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor
1 Key Fob 1 Key Fob 1 Key Fob
1 Yard Sign 1 Yard Sign 1 Yard Sign
12 Eco-Friendly
Light Bulbs
12 Eco-Friendly
Light Bulbs
1 Lamp/Appliance
1 Lamp/Appliance
1 Energy Saving
1 Energy Saving
1 Auto Door Lock
1 Video Camera
$99 $149 $199
Learn More Learn More Learn More
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

Additional items can be added to your package for an additional cost. Below is a list of items that can be added to your security or home automation package:
To learn more about customizing your package with additional equipment, we recommend that you call Vivint directly. When you call, you should ask them for their current promotions or offers that may help you save a little more when buying a home security system from Vivint.

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Vivint is a leader in home energy and home automation. As the nation’s leading provider of home automation Vivint has taken things a step further offering installation of Vivint Solar. Vivint Solar is the installation of solar panels for home energy. Speak with a Vivint representative to learn more about Vivint Solar.

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We talked about Vivint being one of the “hippest” companies in home security. They’ve earned that distinction for offering some of the coolest and easy to use equipment on the market today. Your next dinner party will be a hit – but not because of the seven layer dip.

Vivint has followed the trend of “cutting out” wires from their offerings. Vivint uses 100% cellular technology for monitoring their home security systems and providing web & remote access. No matter what type of phone connection you have, or whether you have one or not, a Vivint security system can be installed in your home.

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Vivint is the leader in home automation. Simple as that. Vivint offers a range of options to help you automate your home and conserve energy and Vivint is actually one of the only security companies that promises to save you money on your energy bills. Not only is Vivint passionate about securing your home but they take pride in saving you money and saving the environment.

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Vivint’s online and mobile access allows you to do a lot with a little device – your smartphone. Using Vivint’s mobile app you can arm/disarm your security system, manage home appliances, change temperature, turn lights on/off, lock or unlock your doors and look in on your dog or cat with live streaming video.

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Did we say cool before? Ok, we meant really cool. Vivint uses perhaps the best equipment on the market today with the 2Gig Go!Control Panel and wireless sensors. The Go!Control Panel is a touchscreen, is completely wireless and uses a built in cellular device to communicate with the monitoring station, in fact to date the Go!Control Panel is one of the only touchscreen Control Panels on the market.

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The Latest Coupons & Current Promotions for Vivint Security

Save a little more by taking advantage of some current coupons and promotions!

Our experts are constantly looking for the latest coupons and discount codes from Vivint. While Vivint coupons and discount codes are great ways to save, our experts recommend taking a look at their money saving tips. Using coupons and following our tips will definitely get you the best deal on a Vivint home security system.

$100 Visa Gift Card & Equipment at NO COST*
For a limited time only, Vivint Security is offering a $100 Visa Gift card when you activate your security system. In addition to this special offer, Vivint is also offering an opportunity to get your home security equipment for at no cost when you sign up. You must call to get these offers as the equipment offer varies depending on the package you buy.

* Please call to see if you qualify

Call To Inquire: 1 (855) 300-1752

Must Call
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Current Unadvertised Promotions
Vivint runs promotions that they don’t advertise, which can offer great savings on installation, equipment, and more. The sales staff at Vivint know the current promotions and can tell you more about them. You have to call the number below and immediately ask the sales person to tell you about their current promotions, but it’s the best way to save.

Call To Inquire: 1 (855) 300-1752

Must Call
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Money Saving Tips When Buying a Vivint Home Security System

Here are some helpful strategies to get the best deal on a home security system from Vivint.

Knowing how to find a great deal when buying a security system from Vivint starts with reading our expert’s money saving tips. Coupons and discounts are great, but there are tons of opportunities to save. Following these proven techniques will undoubtedly help you find the best deal on a home security system from Vivint.

Follow these tips to save more with Vivint:

The key to getting the best deal from Vivint is by showing them that you’ve done your homework on pricing. If you can explain to them that you’ve looked at the competition and done your research, they’ll be more likely to offer extra incentives in order to earn your business.

Once you have a few quotes and ideas of the overall cost of several competitors, give Vivint a call and ask them to work with you on the price. They’ll usually see if they can sweeten the deal by including some kind of discount or special offer. You have to know what you’re asking for in order to negotiate this kind of deal.

Vivint is a company that is making big moves in the industry and they typically have promotions that you should be taking advantage of. Their current promotions and special offers offer the biggest discounts and money saving opportunities, but they are constantly changing. You won’t be able to easily learn about these without calling them to ask.

When you call and ask about their special promotions, the sales person will tell you what they have running and will typically do the math to save you some money. While they may not have a promotion running, they usually have the ability to save you some cash in order to earn your business.

It may or may not work, but it’s always good to ask. Simply find some good competitor coupons and give them a call. Tell them what you have in front of you and ask if they can match the offer of one of their main competitors. While they may say no, you’re likely to see them put together some kind of opportunity to save.

About Our Vivint Review

Learn about how our home security experts created our Vivint review consulted with more than a dozen home security experts to come up with oursecurity system reviews and security system rankings. Using our expert’s feedback as well as current customer feedback it was determined that Vivint deserved a spot in our rankings among the top home security companies and warranted a full Vivint review.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Vivint Security review:

At we believe everyone should have the best information about Vivint home security all in one place. It’s no secret there are plenty of resources around the web where you can find information about Vivint. However, that information is not always accurate nor is it always up to date. We strive to give you the best possible review of the Vivint security system. This way you can make sure you’re making the best decision for your home and family.

Help consumers learn more about Vivint’s home security systems
When you begin your research for a home security system you have more questions than you have answers. It’s our job to make sure you get all of your questions answered. That’s the main reason we created a robust Vivint review. What does Vivint offer? How much does it cost to purchase a Vivint security system? Does Vivint offer home automation? These are just a few of the common questions answered in our review.

Provide expert recommendations and opinions of Vivint’s services
Getting an expert opinion isn’t always available. That’s where comes in. By working closely with a number of home security experts we can give you recommendations for the best home security systems.

By reading our Vivint review you can learn more about Vivint’s service offerings, equipment and pricing. Not only can you find out more about Vivint equipment and pricing but we incorporate customer feedback and Better Business Bureau ratings in to our review as well. provides you with the most extensive Vivint review on the web.

Give consumers an easy way to get a personalized quote from Vivint Security
After reading our Vivint security review we give you the opportunity to get custom quote from Vivint. It’s always good to be informed before requesting a quote so you know how to establish value to a Vivint security system. Once you’ve learned more you can use the “Instant Quote” tabs on our review or the “Ways to Save” tab on the main menu to request a quote from Vivint.

By providing simple information like your name, phone number and zip code Vivint will contact you to answer any last questions you have and provide you personalized quote. It’s simple and quick to request your quote from Vivint

Teach consumers how to save when buying a security system from Vivint
Do you like saving money? Of course you do. helps you save every penny you can when shopping for a home security system from Vivint. As part of our Vivint review we have a section dedicated to Vivint coupons and promotions. This keeps you up to date on ways you can save when purchasing a new Vivint home security or home automation system.

Like we always say the best way to save is to contact Vivint directly after reading our review. You can easily contact Vivint at the number listed in our review or by requesting an instant quote.

We know there are several important things you look for when searching around for a new home security system.Things like price, equipment quality and service offerings are important factors to you as a consumer. After consulting our home security experts, scouring the web for customer feedback and doing our own research we came up with criteria and important aspects to include in our Vivint review. We take what we’ve found and construct a review with easy to use tabs of information making it simple for you to find exactly what you need.

Create Vivint reviews by secretly shopping for their services
Ever want to test out a product before you buy? It’s not always easy. What’s more is it’s not always possible. Maybe you don’t have time or the company simply doesn’t offer it. Well, is your saving grace. We secretly shopped and tested a Vivint security system and incorporated our finding as part of our Vivint home security review.

Now you don’t have to worry about not being able to test a product before it’s purchased. We’ve done the work for you. Never again deal with cancellation fees or sending the system back because we’ll give you all the information needed to make the right choice – the first time!

Answer the questions that consumers would look for in a review of Vivint
Is Vivint affordable? How does a Vivint security system work? Is Vivint the best home automation provider? Where can I find accurate prices? We know, we know. You have a lot of questions and you need answers. Better yet you need simple answers.

We’ve formulated our Vivint review in a way to give you the answers to your questions in the simplest manner. Our review provides simple answers to your (sometimes) complicated questions. Like we’ve said it’s tough to find the correct information online. We’re here to change that.

Research consumer feedbackVivint received on other sites
While our home security experts certainly know their stuff Vivint customers can tell us a lot about Vivint home security systems. Not only can we find out what customers think about the system but we can learn more about Vivint customer service, remote services and energy efficiency. Vivint is known for its home management offerings. Hearing about savings first hand from customers is a main factor we incorporate in to our Vivint review.

We check sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list for customer feedback. We also visit each company’s social media pages on FaceBook and Twitter to find out what customers are saying.

We wouldn’t be very informative if we provided the wrong information. We would be even less informative if we provided inaccurate pricing information. Pricing maybe the most important factor for many when deciding on a home security system so we can make it our duty to provide the most up to date and accurate Vivint pricing material.

If there are any changes made to Vivint pricing we make sure to update our Vivint review in accordance. No longer do you have to worry about getting old or inaccurate pricing.

Frequently check the pricing listed on the Vivint website
Vivint has gone through a few changes in the last few years. This is all the more reason to keep our Vivint pricing and our Vivint review updated with consistency. We keep track of Vivint price changes by working closely with Vivint and by visiting their website daily.

This is extremely important to most consumers as price is a major factor when purchasing a home security system. makes sure that all pricing information is up to date so you don’t have to. That’s our promise.

Work with Vivint to be notified of any changes in pricing
It takes a lot of effort to keep up with a constantly changing company. Home security is an ever-changing industry as companies wrestle to come up with the next best thing. We know that you don’t always have the time to follow the latest trends.

As part of our Vivint review we make every effort to ensure that Vivint pricing information is accurate and make changes as necessary. The cost of Vivint security systems is an important part of your research. You can be sure that all prices listed on are 100% current.

Recommend consumers request an instant quote from Vivint
Obviously a home security system doesn’t just appear in your home. Although that would be nice wouldn’t it? We give you the opportunity to get an instant quote from Vivint straight from our review. Of course, it’s always best to read the full Vivint review before requesting a quote so you’re prepared to ask the right questions and get the best price.

Once you’ve read the full review you can use the “Instant Quote” tab to have Vivint contact you for a custom quote. All you need is your name, phone number and zip code. Vivint will give you a call right away to get you on your way to getting you new security system.

Recommend consumers call Vivint to get the most accurate pricing
It’s our duty to keep Vivint pricing as up to date as possible. But the best way to get a customized price is to contact Vivint directly. After reading the Vivint security reviews you can use the phone number listed in the review to contact Vivint right away. This is always a good idea as the information will be fresh in your mind.

We all know you want toget the best possible price on a new Vivint home security system. So why wait? Give Vivint a call today and you’ll be sure to get the best price quote possible. Don’t forget to ask about current promotions and savings!

In a world where people are constantly updated on what’s going on in the world we feel it’s our duty to keep you update on the latest changes in home security. We guarantee that our Vivint review is consistent with what’s currently being offered. We work with our home security experts, check Vivint’s website and keep in contact with Vivint to make sure you have the most up to date information. We update our Vivint reviews the minute we see or hear about a change. Rest assured you’re getting the most up to date information available.

Conduct yearly reviews of Vivint Security and other security system companies
Throughout the year we monitor Vivint security and how it stacks up against the other top home security companies. We factor in Vivint pricing, equipment offerings, monthly monitoring and mobile services among other criteria. We liken these services and offerings to the other top security companies and work with our experts to come up with our rankings.

At the end of every year we reevaluate each company and update our security system rankings and our Vivint review if there are any major changes. This ensures our security system reviews and security system rankings are fair and accurate. Improving companies can climb up the rankings while others may fall back.

Make additions when Vivint pricing, product, or service offering change
While major changes in Vivint home security offerings may not occur very often throughout the year we make a promise to update our Vivint review if there are any significant changes. Thisincludes changes to Vivint pricing, monthly services, equipment, customer service ratings or customer feedback. Any changes that drastically affect the offerings from Vivint will be made well known to you. is dedicated to bringing you the best home security reviews possible. Without keeping our reviews current we wouldn’t be able to do so.

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