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Editor’s Opinion: ADT Security
There is a reason why ADT has been the longest standing security company. It’s because they provide their customers with plenty of options, great prices and stellar customer service. ADT is available everywhere in the country, making it extremely easy for customers to find a great security system and have it professionally installed. ADT even installs systems on the same day you purchase.

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ADT Security Review

Read what our experts think of ADT home security systems

It’s no secret that ADT is the most well known home security company in the United States. Having been in business for nearly 100 years customers turn to ADT time and time again. ADT delivers big service for a small price.

Security System Review’s Industry Leader – ADT Home Security
Don’t let ADT’s classification as a “big company” fool you, they have been and still are one the top security companies around. ADT has thousands of Authorized Dealers around the country offering high quality equipment, free systems with professional installation, multiple monitoring options and online & mobile access.

What’s more? ADT goes the extra mile by providing customers with same day installation – you heard that right – customers can get their security systems installed the same day they purchase. Talk about fast service.

By offering numerous different equipment packages with a ton of Authorized Dealers around the country it’s possible ADT has the most options of any security company out there today. Combine that with ADT’s Pulse service for online/remote access and home automation and it’s no wonder why ADT is still the most used security company in North America.

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The Affordable Industry Leader
When it comes to ADT and affordability, the two are like twins. ADT offers some of the best pricing for home security along with great service. All security systems are professionally installed with costs starting at $99 to $199 depending on the amount of sensors and monitoring option chosen. The equipment is provided free of charge.

ADT offers phone line monitoring, broadband monitoring and cellular monitoring with prices starting at $36.99 and topping out around $47.99 unless additional features are packaged like home automation or online access.

Perhaps the best thing about ADT is how quickly they install your new system once your purchase. ADT now offers same day installation but is flexible given your schedule offering next day installation or setting up a time convenient for you. Ok, we may have jumped the gun here, the best thing about ADT might be that they don’t charge anything for equipment as it’s provided 100% free of charge with your security system installation purchase. Need a security system installed today? You can get it with ADT – at no extra cost to you.

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Rcommended For Those That Want a Professional Installation
ADT provides a simple technician installation of your new home security system. Installation is now offered same day or can be set up for a time that fits your schedule. Either way, ADT makes it easy by coming out to your home, setting up your system and making sure it’s activated. Now that ADT offers an abundance of wireless equipment the installation process is pretty quick. This way you don’t have to waste a whole day on your home security system installation. ADT can have you protected in no time.

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80 Years of Great Customer Service
Companies who provide poor customer service don’t stay in business for very long. ADT first began installation of security and fire systems in the1930’s. Some 80 years later they have become the largest installer of home security in the nation. A big part of that is ADT’s dedication to customer service.

ADT gives customers a number of options when contacting them for issues or questions including via phone, email and online and is available around the clock. Satisfaction is also a huge hot button with ADT as they provide customers with a six-month window to “try” the system once first installed. If you’re unsatisfied with the system itself, have unresolved service issues or simply aren’t impressed with ADT you can have the system uninstalled and get your money back. Add to that a $500 Theft Protection Guarantee and free installation of a new system if you move and ADT rivals many other top security companies when it comes to customer service.

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Quality Service Plan
While we all expect things to last forever, they rarely do. The same goes for home security equipment. ADT offers a great warranty plan known as the Quality Service Plan giving customers the peace of mind they need knowing if any part your security system malfunctions it will be replaced free of charge. The Quality Service Plan is a lifetime warranty – so as long as you have your system you’ll know it will be working the way it should.

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Company Name: ADT Security
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Founded: 1874
BBB Accredited:
BBB Rating:
Phone Number: 1 (888) 352-3304

ADT Security Company History
Back in the late 1800’s there were a number of small telegraph companies that came together to form “America District Telegraph”. By the 1930’s ADT had begun its entry in to home security and fire alarms. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then ADT has become the largest security company in North America with over 6 million customers. In May 2010 ADT acquired Broadview Security, formerly known as Brinks. ADT currently operates under its Authorized Dealer program allowing independent dealers to offer home security installations that are then monitored by ADT. ADT is a publicly traded company and rang the opening bell at the NYSE on October 8th, 2012.

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ADT had nearly 100 years to perfect its pricing for monitoring and equipment and customers like you are the beneficiaries. Price is one of the main reasons ADT continues to be a top home security company.

ADT currently has six central stations monitoring home and business security systems in the United States and Canada. That’s a lot of coverage! ADT provides several great monitoring options for customers for phone line, broadband and cellular monitoring including:

Total Protection
Most Affordable Most Popular Best Value Ultimate Security
Phone Line
Phone Line
Phone Line
Phone Line
Two Way Voice Two Way Voice
CellGuard CellGuard
$34.99/month $42.99/month $44.99/month 47.99/month
Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

The monthly prices correspond with the up-front equipment package chosen, which can be viewed on the next tab.

ADT Pulse
ADT also provides online & remote access via its ADT Pulse monitoring which is considered an upgrade to its traditional monitoring packages. Pulse is a great addition to any monitoring package with different features that can be added. It’s best to talk to an ADT representative about the availability of Pulse in your area and the prices associated.

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A security system is all but worthless without quality equipment. ADT uses a number of manufacturers through its dealer programs including GE and also has its own equipment options with the SafeWatch series. Below are some of the best available packages with ADT:

Total Protection
Most Affordable Most Popular Best Value Ultimate Security
1 Control Panel 1 Control Panel 1 Control Panel 1 Control Panel
3 Door/Window
3 Door/Window
3 Door/Window
3 Door/Window
1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor
1 Keyfob 1 Keyfob 1 Keyfob
CellGuard CellGuard
$99 $99 $198 $198
Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

ADT is usually offering a limited time deal that includes price discounts, extra equipment, or free add-ons. To learn about ADT’s current promotions or tolearn about customizing your equipment package, please give them a call at the number below. Their sales staff will work with you to get the most accurate pricing.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (888) 352-3304

As mentioned before the most significant upgrade with ADT is its ADT Pulse web and remote monitoring. ADT Pulse allows for online/remote access to your home security system as well as surveillance. Different ADT Authorized Dealers provide different pricing depending on your equipment set up, whether you’re a current customer or not and how long you sign your monitoring agreement for. It’s best to contact an ADT representative to learn more about ADT Pulse.

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With thousands of Authorized Dealers throughout the country it’s obvious ADT offers some of the best monitoring and equipment technology around rangingfrom hard wired to wireless equipment and phone line to cellular monitoring. ADT has it all.

ADT is the original phone line monitoring company. Given its early presence in the industry as the first offering monitoring through the phone line ADT continues to offer that service today. Adding to their monitoring repertoire are options for broadband monitoring using a home internet connection or cellular monitoring using ADT’s CellGuard.

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Not only is ADT Pulse great for online and remote access to your home security system but it is perfect for automating your home. ADT offers home automation for lighting and thermostats as well as other small appliances using the Z-Wave standard. All devices can be controlled at home or remotely using the ADT Pulse mobile app. ADT makes automating your home simple, affordable and easy to manage.

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ADT provides a free mobile application to customers of its ADT Pulse service. ADT Pulse allows customers to arm/disarm their system, view live video, receive instant alerts and notifications, and manage home automation devices straight from your smartphone or online. Staying connected is the name of the game with ADT Pulse.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (888) 352-3304

With ADT’s Authorized Dealer program there are different types of hardware that could be installed with some of the most common being GE equipment or the SafeWatch Pro series. Many ADT dealers have switched to 100% wireless systems as it allows for a faster, and ultimately simpler installation – although many dealers still offer hard wired systems for the die hard home security guru.

ADT has always used quality equipment manufacturers and customers can rest assured knowing their hardware will have a lifetime warranty with ADT’s Quality Service Plan.

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The Latest Coupons & Current Promotions for ADT Home Security

Save a little more by taking advantage of some current coupons and promotions!

You can find plenty of coupons for ADT online, but the majority of them will be expired or no longer valid. Our experts search the web for you and grab valid coupons and discount codes that will help you save. Although coupons are great ways to save, the best opportunities to find a great deal are through their current promotions and our money saving tips.

Current Unadvertised Promotions
ADT doesn’t advertise a lot of official coupon codes, but instead give their sales team promotional opportunities to share with interested customers. To learn about this special offers, you have to call them at the number below. Our experience shows that the best deals on ADT security systems are found by calling and asking about their unadvertised promotions.

Call To Inquire: 1 (888) 352-3304

Must Call
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Money Saving Tips When Buying a ADT Home Security System

Here are some helpful strategies to get the best deal on a home security system from ADT.

When it comes to saving money on a home security system from ADT, our experts know exactly how to do it. Taking advantage of every opportunity to save is the only way to get the best deal. These are proven techniques that can uncover additional ways to save money and they ensure that you’ll get the best price on your ADT home security system.

Read these tips to find the best deal on a ADT home security system:

Even if you’ve already made a decision to buy an ADT security system, our experts recommend that you get quotes from a few competitors. You may find that other companies have a better offering, but using competitor quotes as leverage can help you negotiate a better deal with ADT.

Once you have quotes, give them a call and explain that you’re very interested in ADT. Tell them that you have quotes from competitors and that you’re looking to see ADT come down on the price a bit. Most of the time, ADT will find some promotions or special offers that can be applied to help you save.

ADT pricing is hard to figure out, but they usually have some kind of promotion or current special that we recommend you learn about. These types of specials typically offer the best opportunities to save. Coupons and discount codes are useful, but the current specials are always going to give you the biggest savings.

ADT doesn’t just advertise these and reserve them for customers that are looking to save a little more or ask for them specifically. You have to give them a call to learn about them. Even if they don’t have one running, they may be able to work with you to get you some kind of discount.

ADT probably won’t accept a competitor’s coupon, but it’s a great idea to ask. Simply find some good coupons and give them a call. Even though they will most likely say no, they’ll work with you to find you some kind of deal that saves you a little money.

About Our ADT Review

Learn about how our home security experts created our ADT Review teamed up with over a dozen industry experts to evaluate numerous security companies in the home security industry. Our experts used a multitude of criteria including but not limited to price, equipment offerings, monthly monitoring and customer service. These important factors weigh heavily in the ranking for the best home security systems. After extensive research and deliberation it was found that ADT Security systems are one of the best options for consumers and ADT Security should be considered among the top home security companies nationwide.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our ADT review:

Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit. This idea by physicist William Pollard says it all. We created our ADT reviews in order to help you learn everything you need to know about ADT security systems.

At we organize our reviews so they are easy to read and easy to navigate so you can find and understand the information you want and need the most. Many other online review outlets for home security systems simply have a blog post, or even a paragraph or two about a company. They call this a “review”. We don’t buy it. Our ADT review gives you all the information needed to decide if ADT is right for you; and we do it in a thorough and organized manner.

Help consumers learn more about ADT home security systems
ADT has been a leader in home security for several decades, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about them – or even anything about them. Our job is to provide you with a complete and thorough ADT review so you can learn as much as you can about ADT service and offerings. When comparing home security companies you want to have as much information at your disposal as possible. This gives you the knowledge to compare security companies fairly and make the right choice for your home and family. Our review lays out the most important information about ADT security systems so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Provide expert recommendations and opinions of ADT’s services
Our experts have been around the home security industry a long time. We trust them and so should you. After gathering information about a number of home security companies we’ve broken it down to a small list of companies that we recommend. ADT is one of those companies. Our expert recommendations are based on things like ADT security system equipment, pricing and customer service. The ADT review outlines these recommendations and opinions in a simple format making it easy for you to understand and get the knowledge you need quickly.

Give consumers an easy way to get a personalized quote from ADT
Sometimes you can find a generic quote from a company in an advertisement, brochure or around the web. But most of the time these quotes don’t reflect what you actually want or need. At we give you the opportunity to get a fully customized quote from ADT security.

After reading our full ADT security review you can quickly get a personalized custom quote from ADT by visiting the “Instant Quote” tab on the review or in the main menu. Here you can enter in your name, phone number and zip code to have ADT contact you. You can also call the number listed on our site to get a fully customized quote for an ADT security system. Read the review and make the call. It’s as simple as that!

Teach consumers how to save when buying a security system from ADT
The last few years have been all about savings and coupons. Why stop now? At we want to help you save as much money as possible on ADT security systems.

By visiting the “Coupons” tab in our ADT review or by visiting the “Ways to Save” page you find instant savings and ADT coupons. Of course, the best way to get the most savings is to call ADT and ask for the best deal! Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as asking for it. So read the review, take a look at the promotions and give ADT a call today.

Before we can relay the information to you and figure out what matters most there is a lot of research to be done. Working with our home security experts we determined the most important factors to ranking the best home security companies. These factors include ADT pricing, equipment, monthly services and customer support. After conducting thorough research and compiling the information from our experts we put together our ADT review. We try to make thing easy for you to understand and find the information that you’re looking for.

Create ADT reviews by secretly shopping for their services
Life would be so much easier if you could test products and services before you sign up. Fortunately for you we have done just that. After consulting our security experts and compiling customer feedback we contact each company to find out more about their offerings and test their products first hand. By testing ADT security systems we find out the good and the bad. We use this test as part of our evaluation and include the details in our ADT reviews. This way you will know exactly what you’re getting before you purchase. No more worrying about purchasing a product you don’t like, and no longer deal with the hassle of cancellation fees.

Answer the questions that consumers would look for in a review of ADT
Does ADT have good customer service? How many customers does ADT have? What different types of security systems does ADT offer? These are just some of the many questions you may have when beginning your security system research. A big part of our ADT review is to make sure we get as many of your questions answered as we can. Especially the most important ones like ADT pricing. We do our best to make sure you get all the information you need about ADT security systems so you don’t have to go searching around anywhere else. is your one stop answer shop.

Research consumer feedback ADT received on other sites
A company can tell you how great they are with fancy commercials, advertisements and sales pitches. However, the best way to get the scoop on a company is to talk to its customers. Not only are our security system experts a big part of our ADT security system reviews but so is customer feedback. We talk to current ADT customers and scour the web for reviews and consumer resources. Some of these resources include the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Yelp! and social media pages like FaceBook or Twitter.

Customers have first-hand accounts of how a company is performing their service and provide some of the best feedback you can find. If you know someone who has an ADT security system it won’t hurt to ask them how they like the system and service. That’s what we did!

We wouldn’t be a very good reviewer if our information was not up to date or accurate. In fact, we’re one of the few review sites that make sure our ADT reviews are consistent with current ADT offerings and pricing. By keeping in touch with ADT representatives and visiting their website on a regular basis we make sure all pricing information is 100% accurate. If you see adifferent price elsewhere, please let us know. While it doesn’t happen often sometimes things can slip through the cracks – although does everything in its power to make sure all ADT pricing is up to date.

Frequently check the pricing listed on the ADT website
The website of a company is a great resource for information on their pricing. We constantly check ADT’s website for updates to pricing information. While the company website will show some pricing, it may leave out other information. That is where comes in. It’s our goal to give you the most pertinent (and sometimes unavailable) information about ADT security systems and ADT pricing. We use this inside knowledge to give you the best possible ADT review.

If there are any updates to price we make a change to our ADT reviews immediately. This way you alwayshave the most up to date pricing information. Finding the right price is hard enough, so let us do the work for you!

Work with ADT to be notified of any changes in pricing
Along with our security experts works closely with ADT and keeps in consistent contact with them. We do this so we can always be on top of the latest ADT prices changes and offerings. What better way to get the most up to date pricing information than from the company itself?

The second we find out about any price changes we update our ADT review accordingly. guarantees accurate ADT pricing information. By staying in contact with ADT we can make sure you are getting the correct information when you need it most.

Recommend consumers request an instant quote from ADT
As we’ve said before we make it easy for customers toget an instant quote from ADT straight from our ADT review. recommends that prospective customers contact ADT for a quote after reading our review. This assures you get the best quote for an ADT Security system. You can request a quote from ADT by visiting the “Instant Quote” tab in our ADT reviews. You can also request a quote via the main menu under “Ways to Save”.

When requesting a quote we ask for simple information like your name, phone number and zip code and ADT will contact you to answer any further questions you have and provide a personalized quote. Your information is private and not shared with anyone but ADT.

Recommend consumers call ADT to get the most accurate pricing
Don’t want to wait for ADT to call you? Go ahead and give them a call! You can find ADT’s phone number throughout our website. The phone number is also readily available on our ADT security system review page. Calling ADT is the fastest way to get a customized quote that fits your needs. Not only will calling get you a quote quickly, it also gives you an opportunity to ask about special promotions or additional savings on an ADT security system. So what are you waiting for? Call ADT today! is an authority when it comes to home security and home security system reviews. We are constantly working with our security system experts, browsing the web and talking with security system customers to make sure our ADT review is consistent and up to date. Whenever there are changes to ADT pricing or offerings we will update our review the second we learn about them.

Not only do we consistently update our reviews throughout the year, at the beginning of each year we reevaluate each homesecurity company and change our rankings if need be. This ensures you are always getting the most up to date information on the best home security companies.

Conduct yearly reviews of ADT and other security system companies
Each year we reconvene with our security experts to evaluate each company and whether or not they still deserve a spot in the top security company rankings. We also enlist new customer feedback and check around the web for any major differences in a company’s customer service ratings or product offerings. Basically we redo our review process every year to make sure each company is still one of the best around.

After reviewing the company information and feedback we make any necessary changes to our ADT review. We will also update our home security rankings and comparisons if any major changes occur.

Make additions when ADT’s pricing, product, or service offering change keeps track of changes in the home security industry so you don’t have to. This includes any changes to ADT pricing or service offerings. As we mentioned we will work closely with ADT and browse the web constantly to become aware of any alterations. If there are any changes to pricing, offerings or policies we make immediate updates to our ADT security system review. Basically, we’ll keep track of everything so all you have to worry about it finding the best home security system for your home and family. is here to make things simple for you.

ADT Disclaimers

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ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services, which help you manage your home environment and family lifestyle, requires the purchase and/or activation of an ADT alarm system with monitored burglary service and a compatible computer, cell phone or PDA with Internet and email access. These ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services do not cover the operation or maintenance of any household equipment/systems that are connected to the ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services/Equipment. All ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services are not available with the various levels of ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services. All ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services may not be available in all geographic areas. You may be required to pay additional charges to purchase equipment required to utilize the ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions Services features you desire.

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