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Editor’s Opinion: LifeShield Security
If you’re looking for a great company that offers easy to use systems with an even simpler set up then LifeShield is for you. Now a part of Protection One home security LifeShield protects over 1 Million customers nationwide. They’re quickly becoming the leader in the home security industry. We definitely recommend checking them out!

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LifeShield Security Review

Read what our experts think of LifeShield home security systems

LifeShield has risen quickly to the top ranks of home security companies. They’ve done it with great prices, great service and most of all a quality alarm system. Take a look at the review to learn why LifeShield is one of the best home security companies.

Security System Review’s Most Affordable – LifeShield Home Security
For LifeShield it’s all about you, the customer. LifeShield provides proprietary home security systems at the most affordable prices in the home security industry. Don’t let the low prices scare you in to thinking that LifeShield is lesser quality. That’s simply not true. LifeShield is an up and coming security company with quality equipment, low priced monitoring and awesome customer service.

LifeShield as a company was started because customers couldn’t find affordable wireless home security – it seems that problem has been fixed. Offering its LifeView Interactive service to all customers off the bat LifeShield takes your budget and your needs in to account and doesn’t charge outrageous prices for the best service.

They also takes pride in being a top home security company for the rental community. Their proprietary wireless security systems are simple to install and easy to move – making it a breeze if you want security and move around a lot.

If you want outstanding home security from an up and coming top security company LifeShield is the way to go.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Lowest Monthly Monitoring Pricing
If you had the best prices around you’d probably shout it from the mountaintops too. LifeShield prides itself on having the lowest monthly monitoring prices in the security business and it’s tough to prove them wrong. LifeShield is great for customers with homes of all shapes and sizes and offers free equipment with their Basic, Essentials, Advanced, and Professional packages.

When it comes to affordable home security systems you would be hard pressed to find a more affordable company than LifeShield. In fact, give them a call and we bet they’ll challenge you to do so.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Do It Yourself or Professional Installation – You Choose!
LifeShield is perfect for the person who wants a quick and easy do it yourself installation without a lot of hassle. Using LifeShield’s proprietary equipment you can have your system up and running in a matter of minutes. The main control unit and all sensors are completely wireless making set up a breeze – and there are interactive settings and capabilities that can be set up for each sensor as well.

If the do it yourself installation is not for you, you can have a LifeShield tech come to your home and install the system for you for under $100. Although we still believe the DIY security set up is simple enough that most anyone can do it – and it will save you some dough.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Customer Comes First
LifeShield was a relative unknown in the security industry until recently. However, you don’t get noticed unless your customers are happy with your performance. The best security companies have the best customer services and LifeShield is no different. One of the best things about LifeShield is their easy to use online comprehensive Customer Support website.

Customers can use the Knowledgebase to get their questions answered quickly and easily. If your question is not answered, you can give a call to the friendly and attentive LifeShield support staff to walk you through an installation, answer technical questions or give you information on additional product offerings.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Ask About Extended Warranties
LifeShield’s security package equipment is not owned, but leased. If any component of your system stops working from normal wear and tear, LifeShield will replace it free of charge. You should investigate their warranty and ask questions before making a purchase.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Company Name: LifeShield Security
Location: Langhorne, PA
Founded: 2004
BBB Accredited: Yes
BBB Rating: F
Phone Number: 1 (877) 351-5311

LifeShield Security Company History
LifeShield began its journey as InGrid Security back in 2002. Since then the company has transformed the home security industry offering 100% wireless systems at an affordable price. LifeShield is based in Pennsylvania and provides security to customers in all 50 states. LifeShield recently joined with major security company Protection One to become one of the largest home security companies in America based on customer installations.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Everyone loves free and that’s exactly what LifeShield provides. With free up-front equipment and the most affordable monthly rates in the home security industry LifeShield is one of the best home security companies when it comes to price.

LifeShield has some of the best prices when it comes to monthly monitoring in the entire home security arena and gives you the option of broadband or cellular monitoring. Don’t just take our word for it though, see for yourself:

24/7 Cellular Monitoring 24/7 Cellular Monitoring 24/7 Cellular Monitoring
Web/Remote Access Web/Remote Access Web/Remote Access
Multiple Alerts Multiple Alerts Multiple Alerts
Personalized Crime Stats Personalized Crime Stats Personalized Crime Stats
Personalized Alerts Personalized Alerts Personalized Alerts
Fire Protection
Camera Monitoring
Camera Monitoring
36 Month Agreement 36 Month Agreement 36 Month Agreement
From 39.99/mo. From $49.99/mo. From $59.99/mo.
Learn More Learn More Learn More
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

Part of the reason LifeShield offers its monthly monitoring packages at such a low rate is the length of contract needed to get the pricing. The Silver & Platinum Monitoring Packages requires a 39-month contract while the Gold Monitoring Package requires a 63-month agreement. However, with a security system as solid as LifeShield’s it’s a no brainer that you’ll keep for years on end.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Everyone loves free. LifeShield delivers the goods when it comes to equipment with no up-front cost. However, a few LIfeShield equipment packages do have a small activation fee. LifeShield’s equipment packages include:

1 Control Base 1 Control Base 1 Control Base
4 Door/Window Sensors 6 Door/Window Sensors 8 Door/Window Sensors
1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor
1 Key Fob 1 Key Fob 1 Key Fob
1 Fire Sensor 1 Fire Sensor 1 Fire Sensor
Yard Signs/Decals Yard Signs/Decals Yard Signs/Decals
1 Wireless Indoor Camera 2 WirelessIndoor Cameras
$99 Activation $99 Activation $99 Activation
Learn More Learn More Learn More
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

To learn more about customizing your package with additional equipment, we recommend that you call LifeShield directly. When you call, you should ask them for their current promotions or offers that may help you save a little more when buying a home security system from LifeShield.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Although it’s not considered an upgrade by LifeShield’s standards one thing that LifeShield offers that no other security company does is complimentary crime statistics. Keep an eye on the crime in your surrounding area with up to date crime statistics via Crime Spot with all LifeShield monitoring packages.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

If you want a company that knows its product like the back of its hand you’ve hit the jackpot with LifeShield. Using their own proprietary wireless equipment LifeShield provides its customers with easy to use and reliable security systems.

LifeShield doesn’t trust phone lines any more than the rest of us. LifeShield offers two options for monitoring with broadband monitoring and cellular monitoring. Using a GSM cellular device built in to the main “base” of the system LifeShield boasts fast response times and a “multiple layer backup” to give customers some of the best home monitoring in the security industry.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

At this time LifeShield does not offer any options for home automation.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Sticking with the proprietary method LifeShield offers web & remote access with its LifeShield Interactive Security apps. LifeView gives you great flexibility with instant alerts, saved alerts, camera viewing with snapshots and live viewing, crime stats and past history. Keep tabs on your home and family wherever you are with LifeShield’s LifeView.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

LifeShield’s founder had a difficult time finding affordable hardware that was also wireless; so LifeShield created their own home security equipment. All sensors are 100% wireless and the system communicates from the main “base” – which is the hub of the system and houses the cellular device. All devices can easily be placed and taken down if you need to move. While proprietary equipment is only good if you’re using LifeShield it can also be a benefit given that LifeShield has designed its hardware specifically for customers like you.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

The Latest Coupons & Current Promotions for LifeShield Security

Save a little more by taking advantage of some current coupons and promotions!

By choosing LifeShield, you’re already getting an amazing price with tremendous value. Our experts can help you save even more by taking advantage of the coupons, discount codes, and current promotions that LifeShield offers. You won’t find a better way to save more and taking advantage of our money saving tips will ensure that you neveroverpay for a LifeShield home security system.

Free Security Camera
For a limited time, LifeShield is offering a FREE security camera to enhance your security system, which allows you to take advantage of their video monitoring solutions. Simply call the number below and ask the sales person to include a free security camera in your package.

Call To Inquire: 1 (877) 351-5311

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Current Unadvertised Promotions
Like all companies, LifeShield keeps the best deals unadvertised and give it to their sales staff to give potential customers an extra push when they are trying to earn your business. These offers are usually better than any discount code or promotion that you find online. Simply give them a call at the number below and ask them to give you a run down of their latest promotions.

Call To Inquire: 1 (877) 351-5311

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Money Saving Tips When Buying a LifeShield Home Security System

Here are some helpful strategies to get the best deal on a home security system from LifeShield.

When it comes to finding a great deal, our experts usually just recommend looking at LifeShield’s home security systems. Coupons and discount codes are great ways to save a little more, but these proven tips can help you get the best deal around. Knowing what to ask and how to uncover opportunities to save starts by reading this part of our LifeShield review.

Here are some tips to save even more with LifeShield:

LifeShield offers one of the lowest prices in the industry, but it’s always a good idea to get quotes and learn about several other companies. Getting educated on price and value will help you make the right decision and is going to help you save money, but going with the cheapestsolution is not advised unless you’re sure that the more expensive solutions are not for you.

Once you have several quotes and determined that you want to choose LifeShield, give them a call directly. Tell them that you’ve done your research and you’re ready to buy one of their home security systems. Explain that you want to get a better deal or some kind of special offer. They’ll work with you and most likely throw something in to sweeten the deal and save you a few more bucks.

If you’re really looking for a great deal from Protect America, you have to call and find out if they’re running any current promotions or special offers. Our experts found that the savings from these kinds of offers typically present the best opportunities to save. No coupon or discount code is going to save you more than these offers.

Unfortunately, these are constantly changing and you’ll have to call them to find out more about these types of promotions. Once you call and ask, the sales person will typically tell you about them and offer you additional ways to save. You’ll never know unless you ask.

LifeShield usually has the lowest price, so it won’t be easy to find competitor coupons that offer bigger savings. It’s still a good idea to give them a call with some coupons on hand. The sales person will typically ask a manager to throw something in for free or offer some kind of discount. It’s always good to ask and they’ll usually feel pressured to offer you more.

About Our LifeShield Review

Learn about how our home security experts created our LifeShield Review consulted with more than a dozen home security industry gurus to assess a number of security companies. The experts came up with a host of criteria to include in our security system reviews such as price, equipment offerings, monthly monitoring and customer service. These factors are extremely important to the rankings for the best home security systems. After tons of research and after much deliberation we concluded Lifeshield home security is one of the best options for shoppers. LIfeShield should be considered among the top home security companies nationwide.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our LIfeShield review:

Think of as your home security professor. Or better yet your home security watchdog. We created our LifeShield reviews in order to help you learn everything you need and want to know about LifeShield security systems.

We outline our reviews so they are easy to understand, easy to navigate and simple to find so you can get the information you need the most. Most review sites for home security only have blog posts, or worse yet just a few sentences about the product and company. They think this passes for a “review”. That’s not our idea of a good home security review. Our LifeShield review gives you all the information needed to decide if LIfeShield is right for you; and we make sure everything is thorough and organized.

Help consumers learn more about LifeShield home security systems
LifeShield is an up and coming home security company aiming to makes things easier for homeowners. Because they’re a newer company it may be difficult to find solid information about them. We have made it our duty to deliver a complete and exhaustive LifeShield review so you can absorb as much information as you can about LifeShield products and services.

When comparing home security companies you want to have as much information at your disposal as possible. This way you can compare security companies fairly. This will also allow you to make the right choice for your home and family. Our review shows the most imperative information about LifeShield security systems.

Provide expert recommendations and opinions of LIFESHIELD’s services
Our experts know the security industry like the back of their hands. We put a lot of trust in them and believe you should too. After hunting down material about a ton of home security companies we’ve made it easy for you and created a consolidated list of companies that we recommend. LifeShield made it on to our list of top security companies. Our LifeShiled review is based on things like LifeShield security system equipment, pricing and customer service. The review outlines these recommendations in an easy to use tabbed format – allowing you to see the information you want when you want it.

Give consumers an easy way to get a personalized quote from LIFESHIELD
Finding a quote may be as simple as watching television or reading a newspaper. However, these quotes are mainly driven through advertisements and may not reflect the actual costs. offers you an opening to get a fully customized quote from LifeShield security.

It’s best to start by reading our LifeShield security review so you can become familiar with the company and product. Then you can get a quote from LifeShield by visiting the “Instant Quote” tab on the review or in the main menu. Providing your name, phone number and zip code will have LifeShield calling in no time to customize your quote. It’s that easy to get a quote for a LifeShield Security system!

Teach consumers how to save when buying a security system from LIFESHIELD
Throughout time consumers have always searched for the best possible deal. However, finding one can often be a challenge. That’s where we come in. We make it easy to find savings by showing you exclusive LifeShield coupons and promotions.

By visiting the “Coupons” tab in our LifeShield review or by visiting the “Ways to Save” page you find instant savings and LifeShield coupons. As we always say though the best way to get instant savings is to call LifeShield and ask about current promotions. It never hurts to ask, and you certainly won’t get a great deal if you don’t ask for one. So give LifeShield a calland start saving!

A lot of work goes in to determining what matters most to consumers when it comes to home security systems. This is where our home security experts come in. They help us diligently find out the most important factors to grading the best home security companies. These factors include LifeShield equipment, pricing, monthly monitoring prices and customer support ratings. One we’ve determined the criteria we put together our LifeShield review. We make every attempt to keep it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Create LIFESHIELD reviews by secretly shopping for their services
We all grew up despising tests. Studying, researching and countless hours go in to preparing for a test. The same goes for testing home security systems. And we know you don’t have that kind of time. tested LifeShield security systems to find out how they work. By incorporating this in to our evaluation it gives us first-hand knowledge to include in our LifeShield reviews. This way you will know exactly what you’re getting before you purchase. You also won’t have to worry about taking the time to return a product or deal with cancellation fees.

Answer the questions that consumers would look for in a review of LIFESHIELD
What are LifeShield’s customer service ratings? Does LifeShield have a lot of customers? What kind of security equipment does LifeShield use? Pertinent questions indeed. We’re here to give you the answers. A major facet of the LifeShield review is to answer as many of your questions as we possibly can. This includes information about LifeShiled pricing and services. We work diligently to ensure you get all the most helpful information about LifeShield security systems so you don’t have to go searching around. Need your questions answered now? is the place to start.

Research consumer feedback LIFESHIELD received on other sites
Companies love to tell you how great they are in their advertisements. They say they’ll give you the best deals and of course customer service that is second to none. However, we feel it’s best to talk to current customers of the company to find out the real deal. Customer feedback is a big part of our LifeShield reviews. We speak with current and former customer of LifeShield and look all over the Internet for consumer feedback. Some of these resources include the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Yelp! and social media pages like FaceBook or Twitter.

Customers will always have the best knowledge of LifeShield security systems and, of course, customer service. It’s always a good idea to ask current customers how they liketheir LifeShield Security System.

What good is a home security system review if it’s not accurate and current? Well at we make 100% sure our LifeShield reviews and pricing information is accurate. We do so by keeping in close contact with LifeShield and visiting their website on a regular basis to make sure the pricing information we relay to you is current. If you see a different price elsewhere, please let us know. It’s rare that we don’t catch a price change and we do everything in our power to make sure all LifeShield pricing is up to date.

Frequently check the pricing listed on the LIFESHIELD website
A company’s website is usually the first place to check for pricing information. However, in the home security industry pricing information is not always right there in front of you. We constantly check LifeShield’s website for updates to pricing information and know exactly where to look. And although you may find some pricing information, there may be some things that are left out. This is where comes in. We make sure to diligently find the most important (and sometimes hidden) information about LifeShield security systems and pricing. We use this inside information to give you the best possible LifeShield review.

If there are any updates to price we make a change to our LifeShield reviews on the spot. This ensures you have the most up to date pricing information to go on.

Work with LIFESHIELD to be notified of any changes in pricing
Our home security experts aren’t the only ones we work closely with. We connect with LifeShield and keep in consistent contact with them. We do this so we can make sure to havethe latest LifeShield pricing information. We have found there is no better way to get the most up to date pricing information than to keep in touch with the company itself.

We know your time is valuable and having the most current information is important to you. The second we find out about any price changes we update our LifeShield review immediately.

Recommend consumers request an instant quote from LIFESHIELD
It couldn’t be simpler to get an instant quote from LifeShield than to visit our LifeShield review. recommends that potential customers request a quote from LifeShield after reading our LifeShield review. This way you can get the best quote for an LifeShield Security system and understand exactly how the price is determined. You can request a quote from LifeShield by visiting the “Instant Quote” tab in our LifeShield reviews. You can also request a quote via the main menu under “Ways to Save”. does not give your information to anyone but LifeShield and we only ask for simple information like your name and phone number.

Recommend consumers call LIFESHIELD to get the most accurate pricing
Some people don’t like to wait. If you would prefer to contact LifeShield yourself then pick up the phone already! LifeShield’s phone number is easily visible on our LifeShield security system review page. Calling LifeShield is likely the quickest way to get a personalized quote. Calling in can also give you the chance to ask about special promotions or additional savings on a LifeShield security system. Give LifeShield a call right now! is the leader in home security system reviews. We didn’t get there bynot keeping our home security reviews current. We are always consulting with our security system experts, surfing the web and speaking with security system customers to gain feedback to add to our LifeShield review and make sure it’s up to date. If there are changes to LifeShield pricing or offerings we will update our review the second we learn about them.

Conduct yearly reviews of LIFESHIELD and other security system companies
A good time for reevaluation is the beginning of the year. We currently have our home security reviews for 2012. But like we’ve said before things do change. We take the time every year to reconvene with our security system experts to evaluate any changes in the home security industry and how it might affect our LifeShield review and home security system rankings. We also take in to account customer feedback from the previous year as well as any changes to a company’s Better Business Bureau rating. Our resolution is to make sure our reviews are as accurate and up to date as can be.

Make additions when LIFESHIELD’s pricing, product, or service offering change keeps track of changes in the home security industry so you don’t have to. This includes but is not limited to LifeShield pricing or service offerings. We do work closely with LifeShield, our security system experts and current security system customers to provide the best LifeShield review possible. This makes sure you have all the information you need when you need – and that’s GOOD information. Never again wonder if the review you’re reading is several years old. We make sure any and all changes are updated immediately.

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