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Cellular Home Security System Reviews

Our expert reviews of the best cellular security systems in the country

Leveraging cellular monitoring with your home security system provides the ultimate reliability and safety. Our home security experts recommend cellular monitoring as a standard feature in any home security system. Our experts developed a list of cellular security system reviews of companies that they would recommend and buy for their own homes. We recommend you take some time to read our reviews of the best cellular security systems.

Best Cellular Home Security Systems – Reviewed by Home Security Experts
FrontPoint Security Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

FrontPoint Security

Winner our “2013 Best Home Security System Companies”, FrontPoint Security offers the best the industry has to offer.

Call FrontPoint Security: 1 (855) 436-2405

Read FrontPoint Security Review Visit FrontPoint Security Website

Protect America Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

Protect America

With low up-front costs and affordable monthly monitoring charges, Protect America is a leader in wirless DIY security systems.

Call Protect America: 1 (877) 459-7557

Read Protect America Review Visit Protect America  Website

ADT Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

ADT Home Security

The most recognized security system company, ADT has been serving customers with great service, pricing, and professional installations from the start.

Call ADT Home Security: 1 (888) 352-3304

Read ADT Home Security Review Visit ADT Home Security Website

Vivint Security Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

Vivint Security

By far the coolest home security system company out there with apps, home automation, and tons of extra services to enhance a security system.

Call Vivint Security: 1 (855) 300-1752

Read Vivint Security Review Visit Vivint Security Website

When it comes to home security, our experts recommend choosing a home security system that offers home automation and cellular monitoring. The combination of the two offer the ultimate in security and functionality. While looking into buying a cellular security system, be sure to see what companies also offer home automation systems.

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About Our List of the Best Cellular Security Systems

Learn about how we created our list of the best cellular security systems

It’s no secret that cellular monitoring offers the best in home security, but there are a lot of security system companies offering these types of services. To help consumers choose the best cellular security systems, our experts conducted comprehensive reviews of the leading cellular security system companies. The reviews provide consumers with valuable information and recommendations that can guide them while conducting their research online.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our list of the best cellular security systems:

Creating our list of the best cellular security systems in the country is an important part of our mission to help consumers choose the best security system for their home. When it comes to the monitoring, cellular security systems are one of the most popular amongst consumers. Our experts felt that it was important to review the leading cellular security system companies and help consumers by sharing our expert recommendations.

Help consumers pick the best cellular security system for their homes
We recommend that consumers do their homework before buying a cellular security system for their home and our experts are committed to providing the information they need to make that decision. Putting together comprehensive cellular security system reviews and making trustworthy recommendations helps consumers make educated decisions. At the end of the day, consumers make their own decision. Our staff simply wants to make sure that consumers are considering the options and doing their research.

Save consumers time while searching for the best cellular security system
Conducting research prior to buying a cellular home security system can be a time consuming and confusing task. There are many conflicting opinions on the web and review sites that do not provide a complete review of each company. Our staff is committed to streamlining the research process and guides consumers throughout their decision making process. By putting together comprehensive security system reviews, consumers can visit one site and get all the questions they have answered quickly.

Help consumers save money while buying a cellular home security system
While we want all of our visitors to choose the best cellular security system for their home, we also want them to get the best deal when doing it. Our staff believes that educated consumers deserve to get the best deals and price on a home security system. We’re one of the few security system review sites that include coupons, discount codes, and tips to saving money in all of our security system reviews.

We have a stringent process of creating our cellular security system reviews that is similar to the way we create all of the security system reviews on our site. We conduct a “mystery shopping” review of each company, wire comprehensive reviews, and then have the team collectively vote to determine which companies get a recommendation from our staff. The process works well and is designed to provide expert opinions, but focuses on providing answers to the questions consumers need answered.

Have experts secretly shop for the best cellular home security systems
We believe that creating reviews of the best cellular security system companies starts with secretly shopping at the best security system companies. We have our experts go through the same process that a consumer would go through while making a purchase. This allows us to answer the questions that consumers have and ensures that we are providing reviews that are helpful. Our team knows that secretly shopping for the best cellular security systems is critical to writing reviews that are relevant to consumers.

Have our experts write comprehensive cellular home security system reviews
Once we have completed our secret shopping process for the top cellular security system companies, we have our experts work together to develop the most comprehensive review of each company. The process is collaborative and the team consolidates notes. Our cellular security system reviews are focused on answering the questions that consumers ask most. We don’t focus on the technical aspects as much as providing the information that is most helpful to consumers during the decision making process.

Vote to decide which are the top cellular security systems on the market
We have several team members conduct the reviews of our cellular security system companies and then consolidate notes. Once reviews are written, we sit down as a group and vote to determine which companies deserve to be on our list. A unanimous vote is required to get a cellular security system company listed on the site. We strongly believe that our recommendations are most accurate when the entire team endorses our decision through voting.

We’re one of the few security system review sites that have a team of experts conducting our cellular security system reviews. We believe that having the industry knowledge and expertise to properly review companies is an important part of creating trustworthy recommendations. Our staff has years of experience and is committed to using that industry knowledge to write the best security system reviews. Everyone on the team shares a common interest and passion for helping consumers choose the best security system.

We hire experts to research each company offering cellular home security systems
In order to earn the trust of our visitors, our company put together a team of home security experts that have years of industry experience and are familiar with working with cellular home security systems. We strongly believe that the experience of our experts is what creates trustworthy recommendations. Consumers trust expert opinions and we’re dedicated to backing up our recommendations with industry expertise.

Our experts write comprehensive cellular security system reviews
It’s our home security experts that put together our reviews of the best cellular security system companies. We do not outsource or get content writers to write our security system reviews. Our experts are not experts in writing and we feel that’s what makes our service unique. Providing comprehensive and raw reviews for consumers is our goal. We don’t want to be overly formal or create the false impression that we’re providing anything other than expert opinion and recommendations.

Our experts remain unbiased when writing each cellular security system review
To avoid any conflict of interest, our entire team is vowed to remain unbiased throughout the process of creating all of our security system reviews. The team does not accept payment from any cellular security system company for preferential treatment or placement. The entire process is collaborative and designed to provide unbiased opinions of what we believe are the best cellular security system companies on the market.

We are dedicating to keeping the information on our site as up-to-date as possible and we’re constantly looking for information that may affect the content in our cellular security system reviews. Our staff watches the industry closely and regularly blogs about industry news, but we are exclusively focused on providing the latest information that is relevant to consumers. If there is home security system news that affects the decision process of consumers, we report on it.

Regularly maintain our list of the best cellular home security systems
We don’t just write our security system reviews and then forget about them. We want to have the most up-to-date list of the best cellular security systems and we have to constantly monitor the industry to keep our reviews accurate. The team is watching the news for any relevant information that needs to be added to our reviews. If we feel that there are updates relevant to consumers, we will immediately update the information on the site.

We constantly monitor the companies offering cellular security systems
If one of the cellular security system companies that we review makes a change in pricing, technology, or offers special promotion, you’ll see those updates on the site right away. Our team is watching the companies we review very closely and always looking to provide information that helps consumers save time and money. Our reviews for each company are always up-to-date and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

Comments (8)

  • Cellular Security Monitoring - Reply
    May 22, 2013, 12:49 am

    I really like the idea of having cellular security system monitoring for my security system. I currently have a phone line security system that I am looking to have replaced. However, I am worried that the cellular security connection will not be sufficient at my house. How can I check to make sure I can have a cellular security system or cellular security monitoring?



    • SecurityNut - Reply
      May 22, 2013, 8:24 pm

      Hi Steven. Checking to see if you have cellular monitoring coverage is as easy as calling the security company offering such service. I know companies like FrontPoint Security and LifeShield can run a “check” for you when you call to see if they can provide service. In fact some companies do this first thing before going any farther so they don’t waste your time if your cellular coverage is poor. If you are really interested in cellular security monitoring but aren’t sure if you can have it, your best bet is to call the company.

  • Cellular Security System Monitoring Prerequisites - Reply
    July 24, 2013, 8:25 pm

    Are there any prerequisites to having a cellular security system or cellular monitoring? Do I need to sign up with a cellular provider first? Or does the security system company do that for me? I am guessing the cellular security company will handle everything but just wanted to make sure.

    • SecurityNut - Reply
      July 24, 2013, 9:02 pm

      Hi! Thanks for coming by Security System Reviews!

      There are not any special requirements before installing a cellular security system. You should not have to sign up for service through a different cellular provider. The cellular security system company should take care of everything for you. One thing you might want to do, however, is make sure you have cellular coverage in your area. You can usually determine this by whether or not you can send or receive text message at your home. A cellular security system send signals using the Data network, meaning the same kind of signals used when a text message is sent of received, not when calls are made. Lastly, the cellular security company will be able to determine whether or not you have sufficient coverage in your area.

      If you have any other cellular security system questions please let us know. Thanks!

  • Top Cellular Security Systems - Reply
    August 21, 2013, 9:18 pm

    I can’t say how convenient it is to have a cellular security system. We were able to get rid of our home phone line as well. Our family uses cellular phones (and now a cellular security system!) and the only thing our phone line was hooked to was our OLD security system. Once we had that uninstalled and contacted a top cellular security company we got rid of our phone altogether. Not to mention having the cellular capability lets us access our security system when we’re away. So cool! I whole heartedly suggest a top cellular security system to anyone looking. I suppose it would be perfect even if you don’t have a phone line!

    – Grayson

  • Best Cellular Security System Companies - Reply
    October 2, 2013, 5:44 pm

    How can I tell which of the cellular security system companies services my area, or which providers they use? I don’t think I saw a list anywhere or anywhere in the blog section that tells who the cellular security system companies are using for their cell service. I am going to purchase a security system, hopefully from one of these top cellular security companies, but I need to make sure it will work in my home. Any help? Thanks in advance


    • SecurityNut - Reply
      October 7, 2013, 3:01 pm

      Hello Walter! The best way to learn which cellular security system companies offer service in your area is to call them. While most home security companies do offer service in all 50 states, there may be certain areas of the state (for instance if you live in a rural area) that they may not be able to cover. If you contact the security system company they’ll be able to tell you whether or not you’ll be able to use a cellular security system. Thanks!

  • I Love My Cellular Security System - Reply
    February 24, 2014, 7:41 pm

    My cellular security system is the best! We recently had a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood (ended up finding out it was a local teenager) so we had the cellular security system installed. Turns out the kid cut our telephone line outside of our house!! Of course when he tried to get in the house the alarm went off and he ran away; and luckily we weren’t home at the time (our kids would have freaked!). But I was so skeptical of all the talk about “oh intruders will cut your phone!”, I just thought that was a way to sell the system. Boy was I wrong! This kid wasn’t even a “career crimlnal”, basically a bored kid with little parental influence who found out how to break-in to houses. I must say we are extremely happy with the new system and glad it worked the way it was advertised!

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