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LifeShield Security Pricing
LifeShield home security systems are the most affordable and offer the best value when it comes to home security. A low cost solution with a reputation for providing great service, LifeShield is ideal for anyone looking to save a few bucks while keeping their families safe. Don’t be fooled by the low price.

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LifeShield Security Package Pricing

Details on LifeShield's home security system packages and corresponding pricing

If you hadn’t already heard of LifeShield then you should have by now. The reason? Price of course. LifeShield offers highly affordable monthly monitoring and up-front equipment options to fit every person and need including special packages for renters and businesses. It’s not often you find a company that is so in tune with what its customers want. Find out LifeShield pricing below and learn why they are one of the top security companies when it comes to price.

LifeShield offers three monthly plans that give you a lot for your money. One of the reasons LifeShield is becoming one of the best and most popular security companies is their awesome prices. They even have packages designed specifically for renters and businesses. Take a look at the chart below to compare:

24/7 Cellular Monitoring 24/7 Cellular Monitoring 24/7 Cellular Monitoring
Web/Remote Access Web/Remote Access Web/Remote Access
Multiple Alerts Multiple Alerts Multiple Alerts
Personalized Crime Stats Personalized Crime Stats Personalized Crime Stats
Personalized Alerts Personalized Alerts Personalized Alerts
Camera Monitoring
Camera Monitoring
Camera Monitoring
39 Month Agreement 63 Month Agreement 39 Month Agreement
From 34.99/mo. From $29.99/mo. From $39.98/mo.
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* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

LifeShield simply has the best prices for monthly monitoring in home security. Their Silver, Gold & Platinum monthly monitoring options provide 100% cellular monitoring, web/remote access AND camera viewing. No other company offers that many features with all of their monthly plans. So, if you want more features for less money each month LifeShield is the right company for you.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

Several security companies advertise “free” equipment, however, very few actually come through the way LifeShield does. LifeShield’s up-front equipment pricing is a sight for many sore eyes as they provide several options for all types of homes. Most equipment packages are offered free of charge up-front with a select few requiring an activation fee. LifeShield is easy on your pocketbook no matter which way you look at it.

1 Control Base 1 Control Base 1 Control Base
3 Door/Window Sensors 3 Door/Window Sensors 3 Door/Window Sensors
1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor 1 Motion Sensor
1 Key Fob 1 Key Fob 1 Key Fob
1 Fire Sensor 1 Fire Sensor 1 Fire Sensor
Yard Signs/Decals Yard Signs/Decals Yard Signs/Decals
1 Security Camera
$99 Activation FREE FREE
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* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

Renter Package
LifeShield has a package that they recommend for those who do not own their homes. If you rent and want to still protect your home, this is the package for you. There is a low cost for equipment and the unbeatable monitoring prices. Here’s what the package includes: Call: 1 (877) 351-5311 to learn more about the renters package.

Business Package
LifeShield also has a package that is designed for businesses. You can always customize the equipment to personalize it, but their basic business package should do the trick. Here’s what the business package includes: Call: 1 (877) 351-5311 to learn more about the business package.

Regardless of what you choose with LifeShield, they’re the most affordable home security solution. They offer great value and an unbeatable price. To get the most accurate pricing and to customize your package, we recommend talking to a security specialist directly. Please call the number below to get the most up-to-date and accurate pricing.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (877) 351-5311

The Latest Coupons & Current Promotions for LifeShield Security

Save a little more by taking advantage of some current coupons and promotions!

LifeShield already offers one of the most affordable home security systems, but our experts are dedicated to helping you save even more. We search the web and work with LifeShield to list the latest coupons and discount codes. These will help you save some money and teach you how to negotiate the best deals on a LifeShield home security system.

Free Security Camera
For a limited time, LifeShield is offering a FREE security camera to enhance your security system, which allows you to take advantage of their video monitoring solutions. Simply call the number below and ask the sales person to include a free security camera in your package.

Call To Inquire: 1 (877) 351-5311

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Current Unadvertised Promotions
Like all companies, LifeShield keeps the best deals unadvertised and give it to their sales staff to give potential customers an extra push when they are trying to earn your business. These offers are usually better than any discount code or promotion that you find online. Simply give them a call at the number below and ask them to give you a run down of their latest promotions.

Call To Inquire: 1 (877) 351-5311

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Money Saving Tips When Buying a LifeShield Home Security System

Here are some helpful strategies to get the best deal on a home security system from LifeShield.

If you’re looking at LifeShield, you’re already looking to save on your home security system. Our tips below will help you save more and typically offer better savings than any coupon or discount code. You can search online for the best coupons or you can learn how to find the best deal.

Take a minute to read our time and money saving tips with LifeShield:

Even if you’re dead set on choosing LifeShield for your home security system, our experts recommend getting quotes from several companies to compare. Getting quotes will help you understand the true cost of each security system and allows you to leverage the information when trying to find the best deal.

After you get several quotes, you should use that information to negotiate a better deal with LifeShield. By showing that you’ve done your research and now focused on getting the best deal, you’re more likely to get LifeShield to throw something in to earn your business.

The current promotions and special offers that companies offer change all the time and our staff has a hard time keeping up with them. Most of the time these promotions aren’t even advertised; we recommend calling LifeShield to ask about their current promotions. It’s more than likely they throw in something free or offer some kind of discount. Their current promotions are often better than any coupon or discount code, so it’s worth asking about.

You have to call to learn about these, but there really is no better way to find a great deal. Even if they aren’t running any promotions, they’ll work with you to earn your business one way or another. It’s a simple call that can help you save a couple bucks, so we recommend it to everyone.

You won’t find many competitors that beat LifeShield in terms of pricing, but it’s a good idea to have a few quotes and coupons available when you give them a call. It shows that you are cost conscious, educated, and savvy. They may not be able to match the exact offers that competitorsare giving, but they have some wiggle room to work with.

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