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The Rich and Famous Use Sci-Fi Home Security Solutions to Protect Their Assets


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security solutionsHave you ever wondered how it would be like to live the life of the insanely rich and famous? You would be always accompanied by an army of chefs, stylists and personal bodyguards. Moreover, you would own expensive jewelry and collectibles and you would do everything it takes to protect them 24/7.

Of course, you wouldn’t have to waste any time trying to . Nor would you have to settle for . On the contrary, you would be able to make the most of highly intelligent residential security solutions, based on innovative technology tested and utilized by the U.S. military.

Gadgets that may seem like elements from a sci-fi production to most of us play an important part in the lives of billionaires from different parts of the globe. From panic rooms to well-organized security networks, deep-pocketed homeowners have everything covered, when it comes to effective, sophisticated security system equipment.

Of course, glass break sensors, motion sensors and smoke sensors are a part of the picture. But it seems that the really wealthy ones are far from being intimidated by revolutionary biometric technology. On the contrary, one of the most recent security solutions based on biometrics is becoming more and more popular as we speak. The best part is that the rich people don’t have to touch anything in order to gain access inside their properties.

The new software behind this innovation, designed and implemented by FST21, merges all the advantages of voice, behavioral and facial recognition. By going down this path, FST21 has succeeded in creating a smart entry system that does not require a key. The owners who use this modern security solution become the walking, talking key that manages to unlock all the doors on their property in less than 2 seconds.

Common security solutions used by people with limited financial possibilities are personalized to respond to the needs and demands of the rich, sophisticated clientele. Let’s take glass break sensors, for instance. Obviously, individuals whose rooms have expensive gold leaf ceiling and walls can’t bear the thought of compromising their aesthetics. For them, manufacturers have launched classy, easy to camouflage glass break detectors with a 15 ft. range of action that are smaller than a $1 coin. Think this is the end of it? It’s not!

Homeowners also get the chance to turn part of their lavishing mansion into real burglar traps, while making the most of bizarre, yet highly effective deterrents, like the Burglar Blaster, for instance.

When this wireless, ceiling-mounted security system is triggered, it eliminates 4 ounces of pepper spray. Obviously, the experts who provide the for rich clients know what they’re doing.

Even if they pay thousands of dollars on a monthly basis for crazy security measures, billionaires never hesitate to invest in hi-tech safety-related technical innovations allowing them to attain peace of mind.

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