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Thermal Cameras Could Become the Next Best Thing in Home Security Systems


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thermal camerasProviders of smart home security systems are fully aware of the fact that technology evolves at a fast pace. Therefore, they do everything in their power to give the green light to new generations of state-of-the-art security system equipment, designed to satisfy all the needs and demands of a larger pool of potential buyers.

A top security system should be 100% effective and user-friendly at the same time, in order to impress as many prospects as possible. It’s no secret that many clients who want to want to invest in reliable burglar deterrents are intimidated by highly advanced gadgets that come with insanely heavy price tags. In this context, the real challenge most manufacturers face is to design and launch cheap, simple, user-oriented home security systems worth every cent.

According to recent predictions made by security specialists, thermal cameras are expected to play an important part in this equation, as clever “technological add-ons.” They will never manage to replace the current type of residential security solutions; however they have what it takes to improve them. This technology has been around for quite some time now. A few years ago, security providers offered clients the chance to profit from complete packages that included thermal cameras and modern infrared technology, priced anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. At this point, one could easily benefit from the same advantages while paying a fraction of the initial cost: up to $4,000.

Thermal cameras convert the surrounding heat into clear images. They ensure superior detection, however they are not suitable for identification purposes. The U.S. military is heavily relying on infrared technology, especially when it comes to nighttime applications. Thermal cameras can detect threats that are invisible to the human eye; this is precisely why they are perfect for potential buyers interested in good home security systems packages that include perimeter security.

The technology used by the U.S. military at this point in time could very well lead to the development of a new generation of security system equipment to protect our homes, keep the bad guys at a distance and make our lives simpler and more enjoyable. GPS systems used in military applications are now widely accessible and increasingly popular, so why couldn’t thermal cameras follow the same trajectory?

At this point, thermal cameras are already used on a global scale to protect a wide range of facilities, including plants, construction sites and gas stations. In the near future, they could become the perfect replacement for security guards. This opinion is shared by LUCIT Online Security’s President, Erik Mikkelson.

The problem is that some integrators forget to mention the fact that thermal cameras could be the perfect security solution for a large segment of clients. Moreover, only a few prospects know that this technology could help them protect their properties and save more than a few dollars in the process.

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