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Guard Services Introduced by XL Protection to Curb Crime Rates in Dallas


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Security-conscious homeowners and business owners are determined to pay the right price for designed to provide the highest level of protection 24/7 and deter perpetrators. Most of them are fully aware of the fact that locking their windows and doors won’t always help them stay safe in their own environment. Furthermore, as modern technology evolves at a fast pace, skilled burglars seem to be less and less intimidated by sophisticated alarm security systems and willing to do everything it takes to carry out their mission. In this context, what could help owners stay out of harm’s way in the long term? XL Protection might have the best answer to this question.

The company, a respectable provider of security services and premium surveillance equipment, has recently come up with a new method to reduce the alarming number of property crimes in Dallas, Texas, while allowing residents to attain peace of mind in knowing that their valuable belongings and their loved ones are not threatened by major safety risks. XL Protection is now providing first-class guard services, tailored to any type of security needs.

Unarmed and armed guards can be contracted on a full-time or temporary basis by people who want to implement extra preventive measures to improve safety on their property. The best news is that all officers have to pass several tests before being certified by XL Protection. Moreover, according to a recent statement given by company representatives, XL Protection will run a background check for all candidates, who will also have to pass a drug test before being hired. Furthermore, all guards will be fully trained and ready to address any type of security crisis in a highly effective manner.

XL Protection is a family-owned enterprise, open in 2010, which also offers high-quality , ensures installations and offers monitoring services.

XL Protection offers both armed and unarmed security guard patrols, bodyguards, and patrol services. Our uniformed, armed and unarmed officers will thoroughly observe properties diligently looking out for any and all suspicious activity and or persons. We ensure that our guards handle their firearms professionally and responsibly and are required to participate testing to further prevent a firearm from being inthe hands of unauthorized users. Let our trusted security guards and body guards provide trained and certified protection services, tailored to fit your needs,” explain XL Protection officials on their website.

According to a recent report provided by the Dallas Police Department, perpetrators were responsible for 16,090 burglaries (4,022 in commercial buildings and 12,068 in residential buildings), 31,148 thefts and 7,062 auto thefts only in 2012. Despite the fact that the Crime Summary for 2012 indicates a 10.7% crime reduction, compared to the numbers provided for 2011, security-conscious homeowners should still keep an eye out for safety threats and pay the right price for effective and security guards.

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