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With New Access Control, Heartbeats Might Unlock Doors in the Future


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Biometric technology has been around for a while, leading to the creation and development of advanced, reliable solutions. Facial, iris, or fingerprint scans are now relatively common and prove that access control systems based on biometrics are effective measures of precaution, implemented to reduce the number of property crimes and prevent unauthorized access.

We’ve seen it in movies, and now this type of technology is available and widely accessible. However, restless researchers are still looking for new ways to surprise the security-conscious public. According to recent predictions, electrocardiogram-based access control systems could be the newest kind of barrier against intruders, offering the highest level of protection in any type of environment.

The brand-new security option expected to turn heartbeats into the keys of the future is called Nymi and it has been recently introduced by Bionym, a company from Toronto following a truly unique approach to increased safety standards. In a few words, Nymi is a simple, yet incredibly sophisticated authentication device, which at a first glance pretty much looks like a common bracelet. The product is used to verify the wearer’s identity by monitoring his/her heartbeats.

Apparently, this cutting-edge is not as new as we might be tempted to think, as it has been taken into consideration and analyzed more than 4 decades ago. At this point, experts from Bionym have managed to create a revolutionary device enabling users to authenticate themselves and unlock their cars, homes, and offices while creating a 100% secure, key-free environment. Could this mark the beginning of a keyless era? Bionym representatives tend to think so. Their innovative product allows clients to utilize their own cardiac rhythm to gain access inside a building and even enables them to control their smartphones, computers, vehicles, and more without having to carry any set of keys in their pockets.

We decided there was an opportunity to make a more complete solution with our technology. We looked at what was happening with wearable technology and we realized that’s what we had with biometric recognition using the heart. It married very well with wearable technology and we could essentially create this new kind of product that was an authenticator that you wear rather than something embedded in a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, “ explained Karl Martin, Bionym’s CEO and co-founder.

Their solution is definitely practical, versatile, and highly convenient. It minimizes safety risks effectively, keeps perpetrators at a distance, and makes the owners’ lives so much easier, since they wouldn’t have to worry about lost, misplaced, or stolen keys as long as they wear the tiny, elegant Nymi devices.

The person only has to do something when they put the device on, so they put it on, they become authenticated, and then they canessentially forget about it. We’ve had a somewhat consumer focus because we are very focused on a convenient user experience, but we found that we actually were able to achieve almost that Holy Grail, which is convenience plus security,” concluded Martin.

Wearable access control solutions will most likely become fashionable accessories for security-conscious owners who want to protect their assets and discourage intruders in the simplest manner.

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