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Wireless, Solar Surveillance Infrared Camera Launched by MicroPower Technologies


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Solar SurveillanceCutting-edge technological advances lead to the creation of a new generation of commercial and residential , which are highly effective, wireless, and extremely accessible at the same time. It seems that eco-friendly energy is becoming increasingly popular, as numerous providers of security systems start relying on its advantages to come up with new, remarkable prototypes, ensuring the highest level of protection for any kind of property.

MicroPower Technologies has recently introduced its newest models of wireless surveillance cameras, which use solar energy to function. This solar surveillance model, called Helios IR Camera is easy to install, as the wireless platform allows users to mount the device in any area, quickly and effortlessly.

This addition to the MicroPower suite of surveillance solutions extends the use of the technology to more environments, especially those challenged by low light levels. With the IR camera, the MicroPower Helios solution effectively extends security detection while enabling users to gain the freedom to place cameras in any location through the use of a truly wireless platform,” stated Aaron Tankersley, MicroPower’s CEO.

In a few words, the camera represents a convenient video surveillance solution, due to its demonstrated effectiveness and increased energy efficiency. Helios IR Camera requires one tenth of the overall amount of energy required by a traditional IP camera. It depends on solar energy and it comes equipped with a lithium battery, allowing to device to function flawlessly for approximately 5 days on just one charge. Moreover, thecamera does not come with any data transmission cables or power cables, and its installation will most likely be considered mere child’s play by most homeowners.

The camera makes the most of green energy, which is long-lasting, 100% clean, and convenient. Moreover, the new devices serve different purposes, including crime prevention, asset protection, 24/7 monitoring, and more – even in the deepest darkness. The announcement made by MicroPower Technologies indicates that greener, more effective are now more attractive than ever before – and widely accessible at the same time.

The next generation of video surveillance technology is here – it’s solar, it’s wireless, and it’s affordable. MicroPower creates wide-ranging digital video solutions like never before and directs wireless innovation in a way that works especially for your business or industry,” reveal representatives from MicroPower on their official website.

The new type of IR solar surveillance camera will be showcased during the 2013 edition on the ASIS International, a prestigious event gathering some of the most reputable experts who are constantly looking for the best answers to safety threats and other current challenges. The trade show will be hosted in Chicago, from September 24th to September 27th.

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