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We love hearing from our readers here at Security System Reviews. It might be the most exciting thing about what we do! Of course, we are here to help you find the best security system possible, but we also know you’re loaded with questions. Every so often we like to do a little Q&A about a specific topic that we’ve received a lot of questions about. Today we’ll look at some questions sent to us about wireless security systems. Here are several of the “hottest” questions pertaining to wireless security systems:

Can You Explain What “Wireless” Means In A Wireless SecuritySystem?

Great question! Well, if you took a guess and said it meant “having no wires” then you are correct. A wireless security system essentially has no wires for communication. It uses a proprietary frequency to send signals to and from the Control Panel when the system is triggered. In the past (and sometimes in the present) security companies would run wires to each sensor and then back to the Control Panel. Wireless security systems allow for an easier installation without running wires.

Will The Wireless Security System Frequency Interrupt My Other Wireless Devices?

The short answer is absolutely NO! Wireless security systems uses a proprietary frequency so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with other wireless devices in your home such as your cell phone, wireless internet, or even your remote controls or microwave. In fact, all of your neighbors could have the same wireless security system as you and you would never know.

What Makes Wireless Security Systems “Better” Than Other Systems?

This is a bit of a loaded question, but, one worth answering nonetheless. Wireless security systems have many benefits over hard wired security systems. For one, they are much simpler to install and don’t nearly as much time. In fact, many wireless security systems have a simple do it yourself installation. Aside from installation, wireless security systems are also easy to add to. If you want to add additional devices later you simply pop them in place. With a hard wired system additional installation would be needed and probably a couple hours work. Finally, wireless security systems can also move with you. If you tend to move a lot, or find yourself having to move, you won’t have to leave your security system behind if you have a wireless system. You can simply take it with you, re-install it in a new home, and add any new devices you may need.

Hopefully the above questions and answers will give you a little more insight in to wireless security systems. We’ll of course be doing more or these on wireless security systems and many other topics each week. Until then continue to follow our security system blog and don’t forget to check our security system reviews if you’re looking for a great new wireless security system!

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