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Wireless Security Systems and DIY Security Systems


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We recommend getting a wireless security system over a hard wired security system for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that they are much easier to maintain and install. You will not need to pay someone to come out and install the system professionally. If you do that you end up paying for the installation and in general, the appointment will be scheduled during your work day. It’s just a big waste of everyone’s time.

Wireless security systems and DIY security systems go hand in hand. If you have purchased a wireless security system, chances are that it is also a DIY security system. More DIY security systems can be installed in 30-60 minutes. They’re extremely easy to install and it means that you can do it on your own time.

A wireless systems is easy to maintain because, well, there are no wires. If there is nothing to get caught, gather dust, chewed on by puppies, the life of the technology lasts much longer. We consider them to be much more practical for long term use. In addition, they also are easily packed up and moved if you are a renter. Plus, wireless systems have been around for a few years now. The technology has advanced and they are equally effective at protecting your home from intruders.

The biggest hurdle that wireless security systems and DIY security systems (they generally go hand in hand) have to face is the stigma that they are less effective and cheaper when being compared to a professionally installed system. This is simply not true. Some of the BEST security systems on the market are wireless or a DIY system. Front Point Security, LifeShield, Protect America and Vivint all offer options (and some exclusively) wireless or DIY security systems. Be sure to read the reviews for each if this kind of system is something that you are strongly considering. Each system has something unique to offer and it is up to you ind find out which one is best or your needs.

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