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Will The New Canary Home Security System Put Its Competitors Out of Business?


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Everyone knows how beneficial a good can be. But some are saying that many of the expensive home security systems available on the market are somewhat broken. It’s been said that an estimated $1.8 billion dollars in tax money has been wasted on emergency response teams, such as the police, as a result of responding to false security alarms. Experts say that the false alarm rate on home security systems is 98%-99%. That’s extremely high! So is there a resolution to this?

Introducing the new Canary home security system! This home security system, which is due to be released sometime in the near future, is said to be the world’s very first “intelligent” home security system that, literally, anyone can use. The Canary is a standalone home security system, still in its development stages, that will require zero installation and will work 100% with your smartphone. The concept behind this system is to first of all resolve the poor false alarm rate that many of the current market alarm systems have contributed to, and second of all to provide an affordable, user-friendly home security system that pretty much anyone can use.

The Canary home security system will use behavioral-based algorithms to detect foul play in the home. It synchronizes with an app that’ll be free to download on your smart phone and will send out automated notifications whenever it “thinks” you need to be alarmed of something. Yes, I said, “thinks.” This new will have “thinking” abilities, based on its intelligent algorithms, that will give the homeowner or renter insight whenever something unusual happens in the home, whether you’re there or not.

For example, if your family is away from home on vacation and the home security system detects movement in the home, it may notify you that something’s going on and then ask how you’d like to proceed. Those options may consist of alerting the authorities, ignoring the alert, contacting a neighbor, and so forth. If you have pets that will be home while you’re away, the Canary is so smart that it will “understand” the movements of your pets and can “decide” not to bother you about their movement. Pretty cool, huh?

The Canary will not be some big and bulky system that will be hard to set up either. In fact, its pint-size figure is said to be about the size and shape of a soda-pop can. It features a high-definition video camera and several different sensors that can detect and track nearly anything, including motion and sound, which could mean that a burglar is in your home, or an instant change in temperature, which could indicate a fire in your home.

Nonetheless, it will still take a little while for the system to program itself and get used to your normal household routines. The company says that within about 2 weeks, the Canary home security system should be familiar with your home’s regular rhythms. Beyond that, it will constantly be updating or adjusting itself based on how you respond to certain alerts.

If this home security system takes off as expected, then its competitors might truly have something to worry about. If it really works, then the market might have some true “smart” security on their hands. Furthermore, it’s expected to be thousands of dollars cheaper – only $199, to be exact – and the app for your smart phone will be free. Who on the market right now can beat that?

There is no word yet on exactly what date the new Canary home security system will be released. But when it is, the competitors better watch out! There’s a new security sheriff in town, and it’s looking to make a change!

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