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Where Burglars Target Your Home


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Every home has a weakness, and when a burglar targets your home they are looking to exploit those weaknesses. They target a home for a specific reason, and if you can avoid those mistakes, you can protect your home from a potential threat. Security systems are the first step and act as a deterrent, but there’s a lot you can do in addition to protect your home.

The most common way for a burglar to break into your home is pretty boring- it’s through your front door. Your front door is more vulnerable than you think. A burglar can pick a lock, use a credit card, break a window to unlock the door. In addition, many people might forget to lock their front door, or just don’t lock it at all. This is another way for people to easily enter your home.

We also recommend ditching that hidden key under the rock or doormat. It’s the first place a burglar will look. If they’ve got the key, they don’t have to pick the lock or be destructive to get inside your home. The thing is, if you’ve got an alarm system, it will deter a burglar from breaking in. Once you enter a home (with a key) you have to go over to the control panel and enter the code in order to turn off the alarm.

Another easy way to enter a home is through an open window. It IS summertime right now and people like to leave their windows open to let in the breeze. This open window is an invitation to come into an home. So be wary of which windows are open. If it is near a door, the window might offer an easy opportunity for a burglar o reach an arm around.

Glass doors are lovely looking but easily broken. If you get an alarm system, be sure to invest in a glass break system.

Hopefully these tips help you better prepare your home!

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