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Vigilance isRequired During Home Security Installation


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Many homeowners have greater peace of mind when they have a installed in their home, but what they may not know is that allowing installers into their homes without first knowing the facts can pose a greater security risk than it would to leave their property open to a thief. Each year, personal property is damaged and items are stolen from homes by either people who pose as home security professionals or by subcontracted individuals for whom the may not always take responsibility. Before homeowners let any home security personnel into their homes, they should understand the risks and be prepared to protect their personalproperty.

Your greatest concern, I believe, should be whether the individuals and the company you have contracted with for security can be trusted in your home, with access to your valuables, as well as information regarding your family and possessions. Remember that whomever you allow into your home could potentially use any knowledge gained therein to your disadvantage, ” says Edward Siedle, a contributor to Forbes magazine online.

This is not to say that every security company employee is dishonest and will steal from every home he or she visits, but homeowners should be vigilant when they are present.

One way homeowners can safeguard themselves against possible property damage is to put away breakable valuables before the security company employees start to work on the home. Items that are of both monetary and sentimental value should be placed out of reach or out of sight so they remain safe. Importantdocumentation and other papers, such as IDs, passports, and checkbooks, should also be locked away.

In many cases, when these items vanish and the workers are not employees of the  but independent subcontractors, the company may assume no responsibility for their actions and be well within their legal right to do so. In order to avoid costly replacement items or hours on the phone trying to chase down the person responsible, it is best to simply avoid the situation by making sure these items are locked up.

Before any employee is let into a home, homeowners should verify their ID and obtain a phone number where they can be reached. Any employee, including independent subcontractors, should carry some form of ID. If they cannot produce any, they should not be let inside until their identity can be established in order to protect a homeowner’s family and property.

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