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Unarmed Home Security Systems Waste Money, Increase Burglary Risk


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Home Security SystemWhile the sales of are constantly on the rise, there are still many errors that homeowners make with their alarms that not only waste money but increase the chances that their homes will become the target of a burglary. Failing to arm the system, whether deliberately or by accident, is the most common error, but there other mistakes that alarm owners make after having their systems installed.

Recent studies show that despite the money that many homeowners spend, the majority of them fail to arm their systems for a number of reasons. Some of them forget the code or see it as a daily inconvenience, and others become annoyed when their children or pets consistently trigger the alarms and they must then reset it. Others believe that a burglary will never occur at their residence; this isa surprising attitude, since they have already had the system installed, but in some cases, these alarms give homeowners a false sense of security.

Laura Sands, a contributor to the , says that “Installing a home security system is one of the best and wisest actions a homeowner can take. Unfortunately, even after taking the time to install a system, a lot of homeowners make serious mistakes, which could lead to a loss of property or injury.”

While installing one of these systems is a wise choice, they must be operated properly and be armed consistently in order for them to be effective.

Many homeowners are often irritated at the frequency of false alarms their systems give. That is usually why they fail to arm them, but in truth,frequent false alarms are a sign that the system is either set incorrectly or that is has malfunctioned. Something as simple as a low battery will cause an alarm system to go off without warning. Homeowners should test and replace the battery every three months or so to ensure that there is a fresh charge.

While a can also be set off by kids and pets, homeowners can remedy this by repositioning the cameras and motion sensors. They can also restrict their kids and pets and keep them out of the area where the sensors are most likely to go off. Some newer systems can be programmed to monitor higher off the floor to detect adult human movement, not those of kids or pets. Arming an alarm system will not only make it worth the cost, but it can also prevent personal tragedy for any homeowner.

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