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UK Burglaries More Common in the Summer Months, Data Suggests


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Recent reports from the U.K. state that burglaries are on the rise presently, and many officials are attributing that rise to the warmer weather the area is experiencing. Because of the hotter temperatures, many urban residents are trying to beat the heat by leaving their windows and patio doors open, which entices burglars to enter the home. However, homeowners can keep their homes safe and stay cool at the same time by following some simple summer tips.

One of the best ways for residents to stay safe is to remember to lock their doors and windows before they leave the house, despite how warm it may make the home when they’re gone. Open patio doors and first-floor windows are a perfect opportunity for thieves, because they won’t have to make much of an effort to break in.

When you go out I would ask that everyone ensurestheir windows are locked, even the upstairs windows. I would also ask that keys are not left in locks, but put out of arms reach, as burglars have also smashed patio doors to reach through and turn keys left in locks to gain entry to properties,” said Inspector Andy Poole.

Local authorities also assert that thieves gain easier access to homes in the summer because people are more lax with their during this time of year. Not only are back and side doors left open during the day, but they are also left vulnerable in the evenings as well. To keep their homes more secure, residents should never compromise their safety in order to stay cool. However, there are several ways that they can beat the heat and make sure that their homes are safe at the same time.

In order to draw the breeze into a home, homeowners should set their fans in frontof an open window while they are in the room, letting it run over the course of the evening. This will draw cooler outdoor air into the home. The window should then be closed and locked during the overnight hours. Not only will this keep the home safer, but it will also keep the cool air inside the house. Installing ceiling fans in each room of the home is also an inexpensive way to keep that cool air circulating.

While it can be difficult to beat the heat during the summer months, homeowners should not have to sacrifice the security of their homes to do so.

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