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Things Intruders Look For That May Decrease Your Home Security


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No one wants to have their home broken into but there are things a lot of people do that make it easy on burglars. Your homecannot only be protected by a home security system but your own diligence as well. Keeping some of these things in mind can greatly increase your home security and help you sleep better at night – even if you already own a security system. Below are a few things to keep in mind to help your home’s security and lessen the burden on you and your wireless security system.

Home Security Tip: Hiding Your Home’s Extra Key

These are the keys that we hide in case of an emergency. A lot people put them in a flowerpot, beneath their doormat, or purchase a fake rock to hold their additional key. But the problem is burglars know all about these hiding places. In fact, skilled burglars are going to look in these places for keys to your house first. After they find the additional key, the home security system that you have is the only line of defense, let’s hope you remembered to arm it! Rather than hiding the key, give it to a neighbor that youtrust or put it into a locked box. You may also look in to Z-Wave door locks so you don’t have to use keys. You can simply input a four or five digit code to unlock your doors and disarm your security system at the same time.

Home Security Tip: Not Fixing Broken Window or Door Locks

You have a broken lock on your window or door. You know that it’s broken and you keep putting off fixing it. But the problem is these broken locks are going to allow a burglar easy access to your home. This is especially true when it’s on your home’s backside where any burglars will have additional time to locate the broken lock and tamper with it without being seen. When you’re done fixing your locks, now is the opportunity to do an upgrade on them. Once the locks are fixed, make sure that they’re being used and that you are guarding them with your security system – you may also add additional locks such as a chain or deadbolt.

Home Security Tip: HavingAn Unkempt Landscape

You might have the best home security system in the world, but if you don’t take care of your landscaping you still may be a target for a robber. Overgrown shrubbery and trees may seem protective to you, but they also are going to tell robbers that’s a good place for them to hide while trying to break into your house. This may also indicate that people aren’t at the home all the time. If you’re going on an extended vacation it’s a good idea to have someone come and cut your lawn. A lawn that hasn’t been cut in the summertime is going to tell a robber that no one is home and hasn’t been home for a while. Make sure that you are helping your home security system out by making your landscaping less inviting to burglars. If you have a home where you don’t like most or some of the year, it may be a wise choice to hire someone to manicure the lawn and plants around your home while you are gone.

Having a home security system is a good place to start, but simply because you have a home security system doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still use common sense. Use these three home security tips above along with your security system, and your home will be a deterrent to burglars.

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