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Thermal Security Cameras Expected to Become Increasingly Popular Due to Price Decline


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Most people acknowledge the importance of smart, sophisticated security solutions and do whatever it takes to implement the right one, based on their real needs, demands and financial possibilities. But with so many appealing choices, how could they make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing top-rated security system equipment?

Thermal security cameras have been around for a while, and experts agree that they represent invaluable assets enabling owners to monitor their property and deter perpetrators quickly and effortlessly. However, their popularity has been considerably impacted by their heavy price tags. Fortunately, things are about to change, according to a recent report issued by IHS Inc.

The report indicates that thermal security cameras will become extremely popular due to a significant price decline, a highly competitive market and the clients’ increased demand for advanced, cost-effective security devices based on ingenious technology. Over the next five years, the sales of premium uncooled thermal cameras are expected to witness a spectacular growth of up to 25%. Some reputable providers of this type of intelligent, versatile security system equipment are already making tempting offers, while announcing price drops of up to 20%.

”[There are] two major reasons for the price decline that the industry is currently experiencing. These are increased competition, and new technology developments,”

stated Oliver Philippou, IHS market analyst and the author of this recent report.

Undoubtedly, significant discounts are a great reason to invest in high-end security solutions. Moreover, potential clients should know that thermal security cameras are incredibly versatile and effective devices that provide the highest level of protection for commercial and residential buildings. People who would like to benefit from an advanced home security system should acknowledge that, even at this point, thermal security cameras can be considered a smart investment in the long term.

These cameras have a wide coverage andfunction flawlessly in any weather conditions and in absolute darkness, enabling users to detect and address potential security threats in no time, with minimal effort.

The new report highlights the fact that an increased competitiveness in this sector may favor a beneficial price decline and lead to the development and implementation of complete, accessible video surveillance innovations within less than 2 years.

“However, the high price decline will mean that revenue growth will be limited for the next couple of years growing, before experiencing increasingly higher growth over this reports forecast period to 2017,”

concluded Philippou.

Emily Stevenson
Author – Emily is a 10 year veteran of the home security industry working in sales. She was a top sales person at leading home security companies, but has shifted her focus to working on helping consumers make the right decisions.

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