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The Schutzhund: A New Breed of Home Security


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SchutzhundAs technology increases, homeowners have a number of options when it comes to protecting their homes. However, a new and increasingly popular trend has some people looking at their home security differently—the Schutzhund. Unlike guard dogs that are trained locally or by the owner, these animals, the breeds of which run from German Shepherds to the exotic Belgian Malinois, are trained by licensed dog breeders and handlers in a very specific way in order to create a family-friendly dog that will also protect it without being a danger to neighbors, friends, and other animals.

Blake Morrison, a contributor to, observes:

“These aren’t your run-of-the-mill guard dogs. Not even your pick-of- the-litter variety. They’re Schutzhunds – dogs that have demonstrated intelligence, endurance, disposition, and courage in tests designed in the early 1900s to eliminate what [dog trainer Dennis Smar] called ‘poor temperament dogs.’ “

Schutzhund dog trainers do not simply breed guard dogs for the sake of ; instead, they breed them in order to match their dogs to compatible owners and families in order to create the most harmonious guard dog/owner relationship possible.

Homeowners who want to purchase a Schutzhund need to do a great deal of research before they purchase an animal. While some breeders and trainers claim to understandand use the techniques that train a Schutzhund, there are some who simply use the term in order to charge more for their dogs. A trainer or breeder should be thoroughly researched before any homeowner buys a dog from him or her to ensure that the dogs are certified Schutzhund, as dogs that are trained to attack but have an unstable or poor temperament can be dangerous and even deadly.

The main advantage of having a Schutzhund for home security is that it is harmless to anyone in the home and will only attack with the utterance of a one-word command, one that is usually unique to each animal, but if the dog is improperly trained, it can put the homeowner and others around them at risk.

Another factor in considering this type of is the cost of a Schutzhund. Depending on the breed, pedigree, and level of training, the cost of a dog can range from anywhere from$2,000 to well over $10,000. However, it may be worth it to some homeowners who want both a guard dog and a loyal best friend for themselves and their families.

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