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The Canary Home Security System Prevents False Alarms


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Few things are more irritating to both homeowners and their neighbors than a blaring security system siren that turns out to be a false alarm. False alarms are frightening, anxiety-inducing, and potentially embarrassing, and they are sadly all too common. As high-tech as many alarm systems are today, not all of them can avoid triggers that can be set off by house pets, such as dogs or cats. However, homeowners who find themselves facing this problem are now offered a solution with a system called the Canary. This system, which uses a home’s wireless Internet and connects with a smartphone, allows users to decide how to respond to a potential burglary before they trigger an alarm, reducing the instances of false alarms and giving the user greater control over their .

The Canary system can be fully integrated with a user’s smartphone and is fully customizable. Homeowners can decide when to arm it and when to leave it off. When it is armed and movement in the home is detected, it sends a message to the user’s phone. From there, the user can decide to either trigger the mobile camera to inspect their property, call the police, or send a message to a friend or neighbor to check and see if they see anything suspicious.

Besides being annoying, the downside of false alarms is that it causes most households to stop using their systems over time. We believe that there is a better way. By designing a smart system that learns your home’s activity and rhythm, over time you will have fewer false alarms, and fewer false alarms means more consistent use, which, ultimately, means more reliable security,” says a company representative, who also calls the Canary “revolutionary.”

Not only does this mean that homeowners will see fewer false alarms, but also that will waste less time and money responding to them.

The Canary also does more than detect intruders. It also has temperature sensors that detect a drop or increase in the home’s environment, which can help to detect a fire or a door that’s been left open, allowing cold air to enter the home. With all of these features, plus the convenient app that helps reduce false alarms, this system will no doubt be a big hit with homeowners who are constantly faced with the problem of their going off prematurely.


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