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Absence of Access Control Does Not Intimidate Workers, Survey Shows


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Access ControlDespite the fact that sophisticated residential and commercial security solutions are widely available at this point, as respectable brands bend over backward to reduce costs and simplify installations, homeowners and business owners are still far from acknowledging the importance of first-class designed to ensure a superior level of protection and reduce property crime rates around the clock.

A recent survey involving 751 U.S.-based respondents has led to a shocking conclusion: even though companies fail to implement proper measures of precaution in order to completely eliminate security threats, prevent burglary attempts and unauthorized access, most employees still feel safe and comfortable in their working environments and do not realize that their safety and welfare could be put at great risk at any given point in time in the absence of access control.

Access control systems are an indispensable asset for any home and business, providing superior information protection and physical protection 24/7, automatically limiting the number of people who have access inside a room or a building. While access control security solutions based on biometric authentication, radio frequency identification RFID key fob or swipe cards are now available for companies of all sizes, it seems that only a few enterprises actually invest in this type of accessible, effective barrier against various safety risks.

The survey conducted by Zogby Analytics for their client, the Marlin Company, reveals the fact that no less than 94% of all respondents feel safe in their working environments, even though 42% admit the fact that anyone can easily get inside their building, as it is not benefiting from the superior protection ensured by an access control system.

Companies are turning a blind eye to serious threats of violence. In the East and in the South, roughly one-third of workers say that anyone can walk into their buildings. In the Central/Great Lakes region, the percentage is 54, and in the West, 44. And in terms of type of occupation, the lowest was 33 and the highest was 65. We’re not talking just restaurants here – it’s everywhere,” stated Frank Kenna III, Marlin Company’s President.

It’s no secret that trespassers with dubious intentions can easily generate numerous problems for all employers, triggering emotional traumas, property damage, and considerable financial losses. The survey reveals that 42% of all respondents work for companies that are far from being security-conscious. In this context, one question remains unanswered: how many respondents actually benefit from the protection ensured by access control systems on their own properties? Are they exposed to considerable risks at home, too, or just at the office?

It’s almost a cliche that everyone says they feel safe until someone who is after money, drugs, domestic revenge, or who is grossly impaired comes in, perhaps with a weapon, and causes a tragedy, when simple assaults can cause debilitating injuries, not to mention emotional trauma. And they can be costly, personally and in terms of your business,” concluded Kenna.

Even when budget limitations stop people from getting their hands on state-of-the-art , commercial and residential access control systems still represent a valid option at hand for owners and managers, considerably reducing incidents generated by unauthorized entry and turning any type of building into a safe, comfortable environment while requiring a minimal investment.

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