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Swimming Pool Gate Alarms Are Vital for Preventing Drowning Deaths


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poolEach day, homeowners acrossAmerica buy in order to protect their homes and families, but they often neglect one area of their home that could prove to be deadly to their children—the family pool. Each year, hundreds of toddlers and small children die in the family pool in drowning accidents that could have been prevented. While many states have laws that require homeowners to gate their pools, having a pool gate alarm can also enhance a pool’s safety measures.

While gating a pool is a law in many states, homeowners should also invest in an alarm or a surveillance system, which will help to deter determined children who want to use the pool when no one is around.

According to Laura Sands, a contributor to the Home Security website, “By maximizing the security and safety measures at your pool, the chance of a drowning occurring at your home is drastically decreased. Ignoring the importance of swimming pool safety, however, can result in hefty lawsuits, permanent injury or, perhaps, even the death of someone that you love. Smart homeowners, who appreciate home security, do not stop with burglar alarms and security lighting. Instead, these individuals work hard to assure that each and every risk to their home’s security, as well as the security of the people inside of the home, is minimized.”

There are several options for homeowners who want to enhance their pool security. One option is to install a keypad lock on the gate that can only be opened with a security code. Once the code is entered incorrectly too many times, it will lock the user out until the pad is reset. This will discourage children from trying to jimmy open a lock or cut open a thin padlock in order to gain access to the pool.

Another option is to install security cameras; this is especially easy if homeowners already have a because all they have to do is add an extra camera. Having cameras that constantly monitor the pool and pool gates is an effective way to ensure that children and other unauthorized individuals do not gain access to the pool. By enhancing pool security, homeowners will not only protect the lives of those they love, but avoid any drowning tragedy that can otherwise be easily prevented.


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