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Studies: Many Homes Not as Secure as Owners Believe


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Home Security WeaknessTechnology and new and improved have many homeowners believing that their homes are impenetrable fortresses that are invulnerable to thieves and burglary. However, what many of them are not aware of is that there are several common places in the home that make for weak security points, which may also be the weak link in their defensive chain. In fact, most burglaries and other home invasions occur at these points more than any other. In order for homeowners to keep their homes safe, they should look into these weak areas and fortify their security as soon as possible.

SafeTech Alarm Systems professionals assert that “The most common weak points in a home are the windows and doors. Most people secure the front door and many people secure the main floor windows, but there are several other entrances that you should pay attention to as well. Second floor windows, back doors, sliding doors, basement windows, and any other entry points are potential weakpoints.”

In order to ensure that these points are secure, homeowners should do a walkthrough of their homes every evening or when they leave the home to make sure that the home isn’t vulnerable. The locks on French or sliding doors are often weak, which means that they will be easier to pick or break. In order to make sure these entrances are more secure, each one should be fitted with a deadbolt or an alarm system.

Even with a in place, many homeowners fail to realize that there are several weak security points on their property that are often neglected. One such entrance is the door to an attached garage. Main garage doors and side doors should both have locking mechanisms not only to protect vehicles kept there but also other valuables, such as yard maintenance vehicles and tools and bicycles. Old garage doors that gape or do not lock should be replaced, and flimsy side doors should be removed and replaced with ones that lock with sturdy deadbolts, particularly those that lead to the home via a breezeway or some other access hallway.

Many homes are not as secure as their owners believe because of these weak security points. Many entrances are often neglected or left open either due to forgetfulness or because the owners don’t believe they are a security problem. However, in order to fortify any  and to make it even more effective, weak security points all over the home should be addressed.

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