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Social Media Posts Can Lower the Effectiveness of the Best Security Systems


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Status Updates Defeat Security System Equipment

Most security-conscious people invest hundreds of dollars in their personalized home security solutions, designed and implemented to help them feel protected and comfortable in their own environment at all times. However, only a few of them acknowledge the fact that they expose themselves to increased safety risks when they post status updates on some of the most popular social media platforms. So now you might be wondering: how could a harmless virtual interaction with my friends and acquaintances put my safety and welfare on the line?

By now, you should be fully aware of the fact that skilled burglars make the most of cutting-edge technology to target properties in a certain area. They can also identify the best victims by simply analyzing and monitoring private information shared by Facebook and Twitter users. Vacation countdowns, check-ins and holiday plans always get their full attention and inspire them to come up with the perfect burglary plan.

Even if you own one of the best security systems, they’ll eventually learn how to defeat it, as long as you keep posting social media content that could make you extremely vulnerable at some point.

For instance, new room layoutsand home improvement projects unveiled on Facebook can make perpetrators aware that your is not functional, that nobody will be living in your house for the next couple of months or that you don’t have burglar-proof doors and windows.

Sharing details on your most recent home remodeling projects would be like disarming one of the very , letting the villains inside, helping them carry your valuable belongings outside the house and asking them to stay for tea.

Public RSVPs to parties, school events, E-vites (even only to people you think you know), and even weddings have been known to give intruders cause to target your home. Some of the worst examples involve intruders that look for funeral announcements and robbing people while they are giving their condolences. It is also easier than most people think to find someone’s address online — given only their phone number or email address. If you want to invite guests to your home, it is best to do so privately,” explains Brad Morehead, LiveWatch Security’s CEO, in a recent article published by Huffington Post.

Now you have the chance to invest in a sophisticated home security system designed to guarantee superior protection for your assets and your loved ones. The best security systems can even be remotely armed and disarmed via mobile devices; enabling you to monitor your home even when you’re at the office or away on vacation.

However, not even the most advanced , the most solid doors and windows, the most resistant deadbolts or the most ingenious lock-and-key mechanisms can protect homeowners who divulge personal details on social networking websites. Always keep in mind that your eagerness to share information with your virtual friends can compromise your crime prevention strategies, encouraging burglars to target your property.

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