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SecuritySystems Are an Option for Both Old and New Homes


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Prospective homeowners are becoming more aware of , and many list them as a must-have on their list of features when it comes to buying a new home. This should be no surprise, as recent data suggests that one out of every dozen homes in America today has some kind of alarm in place. However, what many homeowners may not realize is that these systems are notexclusively for new homes, and that with today’s advanced technology, they can be installed in almost any home, no matter its age.

While  are often included with new homes, those who own older homes can benefit from them as well, according to installation experts.

As far as electronic security systems go, there really is no difference between what can be installed in a new and an existing home,” said Tony Caledrone, owner of the Illinois Alarm Service in Park Forest and a member of the board of directors of the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.”

This means that older homes cannot only be fitted with a number of different alarm packages, but their owners can take advantage of the wireless remote options that come with today’s high-tech home security.

Despite this availability, homeowners should understand that even though these security systems can be installed in a number of homes, the cost may be substantial. While the cost for monthly monitoring may be affordable, with many systems only costing $20-$25 a month, the initial installation, depending on the kind of monitoring the homeowner wants, could cost up to $2,500. While not all homes will need the same sort of surveillance, those who are considering having an alarm system put in should consider all of their options and price several different companies before they make a final choice.

Despite the growing technology of home security, there are still some problems that security companies may encounter with older homes, especially when it comes to indoor surveillance. For example, no matter how sophisticated cameras have become, there are still circumstances that may trip the cameras, such as the movement of pets. While some cameras can be placed in areas where pets have no access, it can still be difficult to avoid these kinds of problems in older homes. Homeowners who want to have  installed in their homes should consider any and all circumstances that might cause them to malfunction.

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