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Security System Spotlight: Vivint


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We are on to look into another one of our well reviewed home security system companies, Vivint. Vivint was originally called APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc but was re-branded in 2011 and is now known as Vivint. The company did a complete face lift and has reaped the benefits ever since. The new name was given in order to be reflective of the new type of company it would become. “Viv” comes from the word “living” and “int” comes from the word intelligently, the new name Vivint, was to be reflective of their new and innovative systems, “Living Intelligently.”

Vivint is a 100% wireless security system and 100% cellular security system company. Vivint is priced slightly higher than some of its competitors on the market, but the company is not going to withhold any technology from you. Vivint is one of the highest end home security systems out there. It was voted one of the “Best Buys” by the Consumer’s Digest and PC World’s 100 Best Buys in 2012.

So, what does Vivint have to offer you that is different from its competitors? Well, like the other security system companies that we have reviewed at Security System Reviews, Vivint has a well established security system which you can rely on. But the biggest difference is that Vivint also offers a highly developed home energy management andhome automation system. They are dedicated to saving you money while you’re away from home, which is something that cannot be said about many other security companies out there. Vivint is one of the trendiest home security systems on the market, and has a lot to offer in the field of energy management.

Everything that it puts forward comes with online and remote access. That means you can easily and efficiently access your home to turn off lights and appliances that do not need to be on. Although Vivint is slightly more expensive than other security systems on the market, the idea is that by paying a little extra per month, you will be saving a lot more by managing your home through the home automation system. If you’re looking for state of the art technology and some great customer service for your investment, then Vivint is one of the best security system options for you.

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