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Security Fences Offer Homeowners Some Pros, Several Cons


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Security FenceThere has been a building trend in home security lately for both urban and rural homes that includes perimeter protection, such as security fencing. This fencing, which usually surrounds part or all of a property, is built to be tough, impossible to climb, and is usually impervious to basic cutting tools. While fencing of this kind can protect a property and does have many advantages to homeowners looking for enhanced security, there are also some drawbacks of which people should be aware before investing in it.

According to the Total Home Security website, one of the biggest advantages to security fencing is that homeowners can “add a securityfence to your alarm system and incorporate motion sensor lights and security surveillance cameras to create the safest space possible.”

When used to enhance existing , these fences can not only help keep out unwanted intruders, but with added lights and security cameras, homeowners will have complete peace of mind that their property is completely secure and only those who are allowed access will get past the fencing.

Security fencing is also ideal for rural homes where it may take the police some time to respond to a burglary. When homes are isolated, they are sometimes targeted by thieves because there are no neighbors around to keep watch, as is more common on suburban neighborhoods. Thieves will often pass by homes with fencing of this type when they are look for vulnerable properties. This is because if a thief cannot gain access to the property and house quickly, the lesser the chances are that he or she will try. This makes security fencing the first defense against burglary, as it makes the home appear impenetrable.

While this kind of fencing can be a boon for some homeowners, it is not without its drawbacks as well. One of the biggest is that it can be quite expensive, ranging up into the thousands of dollars for larger properties. If homeowners already have an in place and already pay monitoring fees, then adding a security fence may not be within their budget.

Another drawback to these fences is that unless there a special automatic gate that can be opened via a keypad, they must be constantly watched to let in family and friends, which can be a hassle, especially in bad weather. Before any homeowner decides to buy security fencing, he or sheshould carefully weigh these pros and cons to discover whether or not it’s a good investment.

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