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Security App for the Much-Awaited Google Glass Introduced by IQinVision


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IQinVisionWhat does the new generation of wearable gadgets have in common with ? Apparently, there is a solid connection between these two elements, judging by the fact that giant like IQinVision and Mutualink have relied on cutting-edge technology to come up with the innovative security apps for the much-awaited Google Glass, the sophisticated wearable computer developed by Google.

We feel like we can help (installers) do a better job with video. For us, with all of our products and all of our accessories, we’ve been trying to make them hands-free. […]There’s just so much potential for these glasses,” reveals Wendi Burke, IQinVision’s Director of Marketing.

The main goal is to deliver a new generation of hands-free gadgets that are much more reliable, effective and easy to use. How would this new feature impact the overall performance of the highly anticipated Google glass?

Apparently, the new app created by IQinVision has at least two distinct advantages. It simplifies the integrators’ video installation operation while offering users a very important asset allowing them to remotely analyze surveillance footage.

Company representatives have a lot of faith in their new app and explain that it could be perfect for a wide range of applications. For instance, due to this ingenious security app unveiled by IQinVision, staff members using the special glasses could view video and could also receive alerts and respond to potential threats in record time, just by wearing the hi-tech gadget. Despite the fact that such extra features might drive up the price of Googleglass, security apps should always be considered an excellent investment, especially at this point in time, when crime rates attain new records every year.

Burke thinks that there will be a considerable demand for this particular type of security app and that they will become increasingly popular as soon as Google Glass hits the market. The video surveillance app developed by IQinVision has passed the internal testing phase and apparently it has everything it takes to meet the security needs of numerous potential buyers who are biting their nails in anticipation, waiting for Google Glass to become widely available.

This is not the first security app developed for Google Glass with the main goal of eliminating safety threats and saving lives. Mutualink is already behind a video surveillance app for Google Glass, which would become an invaluable ally for law enforcement, enabling police officers to tap into security camera footage located in their immediate proximity and consult documents, analyze data and inspect building schematics while they are on the field responding to 911 alerts. The app would facilitate communication between law enforcement representatives, allowing them to boost apprehension rates, save lives and respond to a wide range of emergency situations in a timely manner.

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