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Rural Burglaries Are Common but Can be Prevented, Studies Show


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Until recently, people have moved to quieter, more rural areas in order to avoid crime and robberies, but with the population of the country increasing every year, even rural areas are becoming populated. As a result, people are starting to discover that moving their families into these areas does not mean that they can avoid crime. One of the most common types of crime, burglary, is still an issue, but there are several things that homeowners can do in order to make their homes less of a target.

No matter where people choose to live, home security is not an issue that should be ignored.

Security is becoming more of an issue everywhere in the country now, even in rural areas,” says Fred Pannebaker, vice president for sales and marketing at M.A.G. Engineering and Manufacturing, which makes to reinforce doors.

The days where people in small neighborhoods and rural areas could leave their doors unlocked are no more, and they must now focus on ways to secure their homes in order to make them more invulnerable to intruders.

Some studies show that if a burglar cannot gain access to a home within the first few moments of an attempt, they will move on in order to avoid being seen by authorities. Most burglaries are committed by inexperienced thieves who are looking for a quick score, so making a home less inviting to them increases the chances that they will pass it by. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including placing security cameras around the home, investing in chain-link fencing, and installing security bars in the windows of the home that face the street.

While electronic are an effective deterrent for burglaries, not all homeowners can afford the installation fee or the monthly monitoring fee. To save on these costs, homeowners can turn to less expensive deterrents, which include signs that announce the presence of a dog on the property. Even if a dog is not vicious, the possibility of it barking and alerting people to their presence may be enough to discourage thieves. As an alternative, there are some security companies that sell systems that trigger a recording of a barking dog when anyone sets off the motion sensor. Depending on the model, the system can be switched over to a standard doorbell when the homeowner is present. While crime cannot always be avoided, homeowners can take steps to ensure that their homes do not become a target.

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