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Robbery, Home Invasion Risk Higher for Single Women


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Home invasion riskMany homeowners buy home security systems to protect their families, but often ignore the fact that those who live alone are at a higher risk for victimization when it comes to burglary and home invasion. In fact, single women who live alone are in the highest risk group, yet many of them live in apartments and homes without any kind of alarm system in place. In order to remain safe and protected from harm, single women should consider having some kind of security in place, whether they opt for a trigger alarm or home monitoring.

The ‘s main website explains how single women can feel more confident living alone when there’s a in place.

Home automation makes coming home more secure. With many of today’s advanced home security systems, you can design your own home automation plan. That means you can set your lights to come on at a chosen time, so that you never arrive home in the dark. Entering a darkened home through a darkened entryway is risky, but with home automation, you never again have to do it. Most technologically advanced home security systems have a one-touch emergency alert button that automatically puts you in contact with the monitoring system that takes care of your home. If you are in danger, suspect an intruder, or have an accident, you can easily contact your monitoring center and have them dispatch the kind of emergency responder you need.”

When women who live alone have these alarms in place, they can feel more confident going it alone.

One of the biggest concerns that single women face when they live alone is home invasion. There have been many instances of people forcing their way inside when a woman answered a knock or the doorbell, but now there are other means of seeing who’s standing on the other side before they open it. Video monitoring can let a woman who is in the apartment or home alone see whether or not they know the person at the door or if they appear suspicious. Some systems even let an individual see the video feed via a smartphone or tablet, which makes monitoring even more convenient.

Women who live alone do not need to remain constantly at risk for burglary or home invasion. Because most of today’s are so convenient and affordable, they are no longer out of reach for those with limited access to technology or a tight budget.

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Author – Emily is a 10 year veteran of the home security industry working in sales. She was a top sales person at leading home security companies, but has shifted her focus to working on helping consumers make the right decisions.

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