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Reps Must Keep Pace with Today’s Home Security Technology to Effectively Assist Homeowners


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Home Security RepHomeowners who are considering making an investment in a sometimes run the risk of going with a company that hires inexperienced technicians and representatives. When these companies fail to properly train their employees in the latest , not only could this possibly threaten the security of the home, but it might also cause homeowners to spend a great deal more money on equipment they don’t need because of the inaccurate or inferior advice they’ve received. Before any homeowner buys a security system through a professional company, they should inquire or investigate their technicians’ training and how in step they are with today’s modern security technology.

Steve Malia, the vice president of engineering services at North American Video, asserts that keeping pace with security technology is vital in order for any home security employee. He recently :

Today’s network video surveillance and security systems continue to evolve far beyond earlier closed-circuit television security systems in design, installation, maintenance, and capability. For that reason, technology expertise is crucial in order to maximize and protect your security system investments over the long term. Attending trade shows to see demonstrations of the newest technology, participating in seminars or other learning opportunities, becoming involved in industry associations, and conferring with industry peers are all recommended ways to help you navigate the technology landscape. That being said, evaluating a controlled demonstration being staged at an event does not always depict the reality of an actual working environment or installation.”

This means that security employees should have a balanced blend of both knowledge and experience in order to please their customers.

Homeowners who want to buy from any company should first conduct a quick survey over the phone with a representative in order to gauge how much experience they have with cutting-edge security technology. With today’s new systems, mobile apps, and other new technology, employees cannot give sound advice without first learning about or experiencing them. While some make it their business to make sure their employees are staying in step with modern equipment and new technological concepts, there are other independent contractors that may work on behalf of that company who do not. Homeowners should keep in mind that they have the right to question any home security tech about how much they know before they’re allowed to install any equipment on the property; it may save them time and money down the road.

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