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Reports: New Home Invasion Scams Spreading Across the Nation


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Home invasion scamsMost homeowners who buy and other monitoring equipment believe that their homes are safe when no one is home; however, a new and dangerous trend has been developing in cities and urban areas all over the country that poses an immediate threat to any family member—home invasion scams. Individuals are concocting new and clever scams to gain entrance to people’s homes, and in order for homeowners to protect their families, they must become aware of these scams and remain vigilant whenever anyone approaches their door.

, a website that promotes the well-being of families and their safety, reports:

There are hundreds of different home invasion scams out there. Though there are many different versions, often the criminals dress in an official-looking uniform, as utility workers, delivery men, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, or solicitors. Some even have props, such as a fake ID or a tool box, to make their story more believable. Never be afraid to make them wait outside while you call their supposed company to see if a worker was actually sent to your home. If their story is real, they will be willing to wait. [ . . . ] keep your door locked and always use the peephole when someone knocks on your door. Always be suspicious of anyone trying to gain entry into your home, no matter what story or reason they give you.”

Some of the newer home invasion scams include playing on people’s sympathies. In some cases, individuals who are trying to gain access to homes while people are inside will work in twos or threes.

One recently reported scam involves two people, a young man and woman. In this scenario, the young man’s car will break down in front of a home. The young man will pop the hood, look inside, and then go to a home that appears occupied. He willthen tell the homeowner that his car is broken down, his young wife is pregnant, and that he is without a cellphone. In fact, many of these schemes involve the individual trying to gain access to a phone, but while homeowners might feel compelled to help, they should always do so without opening the door. They can offer to call the police or someone else to come and help, which can quickly reveal whether or not the young couple really needs help or if they are trying to gain access to the home. By remaining vigilant about who is at their door, homeowners can protect themselves from these new and potentially deadly home invasion scams.

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