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Reading About Home Security Can Teach Important Lessons to Young Family Members


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Kids and home securityOne of the main reasons the average American homeowner often buys a is to protect the welfare of his or her children. However, there are other home security lessons that they may neglect to share with their kids for fear of frightening them. In order to teach their kids how to stay safe when they are at home alone, one way to make them understand the importance of home security is to share news stories with them. When children can relate to stories in the news because the people in them are their age, they are apt to remember the lesson better.

Parents who want to teach their children important lessons can search the Web in order to find relatable stories to share with their kids. Laura Sands, a major contributor to the website, says:

Stories of burglaries and vandalism are commonplace, but there are certain news events that tend to linger in our minds long after we originally hear them because they are so uncommon and, often, frightening.”

While the point of sharing these stories certainly shouldn’t be to frighten older kids, the more memorable they are, the better. Some of these stories should include incidents that homeowners and parents want to cover with their kids, such as what to do if they are ever home alone and a break-in occurs or what they should do in order to stay safe if the home’s security alarm should go off. Sharing stories like this can be much more effective than a simple lecture, which most kids tend to tune out.

Some ¬†lessons for kids that can be learned from online news stories will often dispel myths that might otherwise put them in harm’s way. For example, stories about home invasion and burglary that took place during the day can teach kids that these incidents don’t always happen at night. They can also teach older kids that it’s important to set the home’s alarm system when they’re home alone and never answer a doorbell or a knock at the door without first checking the system’s video monitor. This can prevent forcible invasion and even a terrible tragedy, an important lesson for kids to learn not only to protect their homes, but their lives as well.

Teaching  lessons through online news stories can help children be better informed about how to stay safe and about what to do in case of a burglary.

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