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Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing A Security System


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Before you go and buy a security system, you need to figure out what kind of system you want for your home. That means making a list of the features that you want. In order to meet all of the criteria, it is necessary to organize your thoughts and figure out what in important in your home and the system that you want protecting it. because there are so many option available, it can get a little tricky when it comes to pinning down exactly what you want.

>Long or short contract? Do you live in a rental or do you own a home? Do you move frequently? You need to figure out how long the contract should be. The longer the contract, the less you’ll be paying per month. However, if you move frequently, a short contract might be a safer bet.

Hard wired or wireless security system? In general, we suggest purchasing a wireless security system. They are more convenient and less invasive. We especially recommend them to renters since they wont need any drills or screws to make them stay.

Spend more money on home automation? Home automation is the next big thing for security systems. Home security systems are including them more and more because they can save you money on your electric bill at the end of the month. Home automation allows you to turn lights off or raise/lower your thermostat all remotely… which leads us to the next question…

Is there remote access? This should be a give me. Every new security system should offer this as an option.

You also need to ask yourself what you’re getting for your money. If it’s a DIY security system, you wont have to pay for the installation. If it needs to be professionally installed, you’ll probably have to pay for that but the actual equipment should be free.

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