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Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Security System


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Consumer Questions About Purchasing A Security System

We are going to start a new series here on Security System Reviews in which we discuss good questions to ask when making an investment in a home security system. You can read every home security system review out there, but sometimes basic principles get missed and we want you to cover all your bases! We are going to cover a few questions today (and what various responses from these questions mean).

Question 1: What kind of security system monitoring does the security company provide?

Answer 1: Essentially there are three different kinds of security system monitoring. They are phone line monitoring, internet/broadband monitoring and cellular security system monitoring. Here at Security System Reviews, we recommend a cellular security system and monitoring. This technology is much newer to the security system industry, but it is certainly the top-notch option out there and is the most reliable option of the three. Unlike phone line monitoring or internet monitoring, you will not have to worry about your power going out, phone lines getting cut or internet going out. It is generally a little pricier, but you get what you pay for and chipping in a few extra bucks a month to make sure that your home will be monitored 24 hours a day is a small price to pay.

Question 2: Can I access my security system remotely?

Answer 2: This is another option that is relatively new to the industry and not every home security system out there offers this ability. Within the past 10 years or so, people with smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry or Android) have been able to download free apps from their security system company that allow access to a home security system from anywhere. Using these free apps or logging in online while at work or on the go, allows access to some cool features. These features include arming or disarming your home security system, checking event history (who and when have people armed or disarmed your security system), viewing wireless security cameras and configuring home automation.

These are just a few of the main questions to ask when purchasing a security system. If you are currently looking at purchasing a security system we recommend you check out our security system reviews. Our review cover all aspects of the security company and system and will make purchasing a security system that much easier. Also continue to follow our security system blog for moretips and news about purchasing a security system!

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