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What makes up the best security systems?


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This seems simple enough. We want to cover all the parts of the security system that you have just purchased. The best security systems on the market all have a similar makeup. There are basically 3 different parts that you need to look for when you open up your system. We’re going to go over them now so that you’re familiar with what is coming your way.

Part 1: The sensors. These are the guys that do the dirty work. We’ve got door sensors, window sensors and motion detection. We don’t recommend the motion detection sensors if you have cats or dogs, as they might set off the security system. That doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize the other two types of sensors to their fullest. When the security system is armed, the window sensors will know if someone is trying to pry the window open from the outside. The door sensors are tripped when the door opens and the alarm is activated. If it’s just you coming home, all you have to do is pop on over to your key pad and plug in the password in order to cancel the alarm.

Part 2: Key Pad. This is where you come in. Anything you want done to your security system, you will probably do through this panel. It is where you arm and disarm your security system. They are generally easy to navigate and are usually connected to the control panel. This bring us to our final segment of the alarm system…

Part 3: Control Panel. In the past the control panel and key pad were not connected. Now more frequently, you will find these two segments put together. Basically the control panel is not how you control the system, but how the system controls every sensor. The sensors are all connected to the control panel (in most cases wirelessly) and when one is tripped, it sends a signal to the control panel. The controlpanel will then alert the company if it is not a false alarm. This is the brains of the operation.

Well, that’s about it. Security systems are really very simple and not difficult to understand. Once you get familiar with the basics, you wont have a problem setting your home up with some awesome security.

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