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Number Pad Door Locks Lessen Chances of Entrance Key Misuse


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Number Pad Door LocksOne of the most common tips that homeowners probably see is to never hide a front door key under their doormat, in a nearby flower pot, or even under a fake rock in the front garden. This is because many professional thieves often know where to look for these keys and can easily gain entrance to the home when no one is there. A great many robberies have occurred because of people hiding keys like this, and often, where there is no sign of forced entry or because the key was used, filing an insurance claim or a police report becomes much more difficult. In order to combat this problem, some security and locksmith companies have recently begun to sell number pad door locks that operate with keyless entry. These locks, which require no key, can only be unlocked by someone who knows the code, thus eliminating the need to hide keys around the home and put the property at risk.

The website reports that the average criminal is much smarter than one might think when it comes to finding hidden keys around the exterior of a home.

Putting a key to your house – where your family lives and most of your worldly possessions reside – three feet from your door just isn’t wise. If you think professional burglars don’t know to look under the door mat, above the door frame, or under that little rock next to the path, you’re wrong.”

While many crimes are committed at the spur of the moment, it won’t take a seasoned criminal long to search for the key, find it, and be able to walk right into a home to take whatever he or she pleases. Number pad door locks will eliminate this problem, and they are easy for almost any homeowner to install.

These keyless entry locks can be purchased at either major hardware outlets, online at large retail sites like Amazon, or even from local security companies. By tapping in a four-digit code, any family member can gain access to the home without the need of a key. Many of these systems include fail-safes in case the wrong code is entered too many times or if someone forgets it. The system can also be reprogrammed in moments if the code’s security has been compromised. Number pad door locks are not only convenient and affordable, but they can also prevent a criminal from easily gaining access to a home via the family’s house key.

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