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New Video Monitoring Services Expected to Enable Dealers to Sell Big


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Undoubtedly, video monitoring solutions are a big hit and will significantly increase in popularity in the years to come. This is the main conclusion highlighted by representatives from Affiliated Monitoring, a well-known monitoring center that has recently announced its dealer summit, scheduled for December 5th.

It seems that video-monitored for both residential and commercial properties are a great source of profit for dealers, since they enable users to protect their loved ones, their assets, and their homes and offices easier than ever before.

Video has been one of those topics everyone’s been discussing but hasn’t really engaged on. The time has come. We’re really starting to see RMR generated from video becoming a real thing, in part because of the tools that exist now to give value to commercial customers,” stated Daniel Oppenheim, Affiliated Monitoring’s Vice President.

During the annual event, the company intends to unveil a brand-new video monitoring platform, comprising innovative tools and services allowing dealers to promote better deals and increase their profit margins fast and effortlessly, while attracting a larger segment of buyers, eager to discover the benefits of a video-monitored alarm system.

Because video monitoring is a trending topic these days, Oppenheim is certain that the new platform announced by Affiliated Monitoring will offer dealers the opportunity to commercialize systems and video and ultimately more effectively boost their profits. Video-monitored systems have been around for a while now, and their benefits have been noticed by millions of users from different parts of the globe. However, the relatively recent popularity increase has been stimulated by at least three different factors, according to Oppenheim: the analog-IP transition, offering superior functionality and analytics, the public’s maximized demand for high-quality interactive services and last, but definitely not least, the fact that buyers want to go in favor of video verification, enabling them to reduce the number of false alarms and still profit from excellent protection in any type of environment.

The event, which will take place in December, is expected to help dealers boost their revenues while continuing to promote extremely effective video-monitored for homes and businesses. Because knowledge is power, the annual meeting will put all dealers on the right path to success, showing them how to make the most of advanced technology, how to improve their sales strategies and even offering them much-needed legal advice. Moreover, during the annual event, the company will introduce its new video monitoring tools and services, designed to offer clients a customized, flexible, 100% effective tailored to their needs.

We’ve selected topics that are relevant to dealers, and I think we’re going to create some meaningful opportunities for dealers to learn from and engage with each other,” concluded Oppenheim.

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