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New Security Solution Offers Superior Tracking Capabilities to Reduce Property Crimes


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Is there a connection between a bird’s-eye view, premium video management software, and intelligent methods of precaution implemented to deter intruders and protect any type of environment in a highly effective manner, with a minimal investment? Apparently, these elements are connected, judging by the recent announcement made byOptex, revealing its recent collaboration with Red Hawk and Milestone, in an attempt to create and deliver an innovative integrated solution with enhanced tracking capabilities.

The new product will display the advantages offered by all 3 integrated components: the Redscan laser detector introduced by Optex, guaranteeing 100% reliable detection with a significantly reduced number of false alarms; Milestone’s VMS (video management software) ensuring increased protection for thousands of different customer applications; and the RedHawk software promising a rapid, trouble-free visual identification, introduced by The Hawkeye Effect.

All in all, the integrated solution, which will be put on full display during ASIS 2013, an event  held this year in Chicago and scheduled for September 24th-27th, offers a superior mapping capability and the ability to determine the exact position of different objects in an accurate manner, in real time.

Integration is a key to achieving the best security. Each company brings specific expertise and industry leadership to security applications. But the real power is seen when you combine and integrate the various capabilities into a single solution. Thanks to our Redscan laser detector, Milestone’s open platform, the IP video cameras, and The HawkEye Effect geo-spatial mapping together bring unmatched levels of intruder detection, tracking, and response,” stated Mac Kokobo, the CEO of Optex.

The main goal is to come up with one incredibly efficient security solution allowing users to eliminate false alarms, benefit from the highest level of protection in any type of environment, and explore the advantages of the very best intruder detection technology ever implemented. According to a report introduced by the FBI, more than 2 million burglaries take place all across the U.S. on an annual basis, meaning that more than 6,000 such incidents are reported every single day in America. While simple measures of precaution, like locking your doors and your windows and installing a decent, fully functional can get you a long way, security experts are still working on much more advanced security system equipment, expected to create and maintain a superior level of comfort and protection 24/7.

By using the data from the OPTEX Redscan detector, we can provide geo-spatial information that brings a new level of visualization to security operations. Security personnel gain better situational awareness with the bird’s-eye view that automatically tracks an intruder on a map of the area. The result is a new tool to increase the effectiveness of security monitoring and the ability to respond efficiently,” stated Jeff Blair, The HawkEye Effect’s CEO.

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