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New App Turns Old iPhones and iPads into Convenient Home Security Systems


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Presence iOS Home Security AppMillions of iPhones and iPads are sold annually in the U.S. to respond to the necessities and demands of enthusiastic gadget fans. After a certain period of time, for one reason or another, all buyers feel the need to upgrade or replace their devices. What if they could actually give a new meaning to their old iPhones and iPads, instead of throwing them away? A fresh story, told by a Gene Wang, an entrepreneur who’s behind a very ambitious project and a cost-free home security app, indicates the fact that the iPads and iPhones that we no longer use could easily be converted into highly accessible , triggering considerable financial savings.

Gene Wang started looking for the best alternative to traditional  after his mother’s house had been targeted by skilled burglars for the second time in just one year. Instead of investing in premium, insanely expensive , dealing with installation costs and paying high monthly fees, Wang choose a different approach. His search for the incredibly convenientsecurity solution led to the creation of the Presence App, a cost-free app that instantly transforms any Wi-Fi-enabled iPhone or iPad into an extremely effective home security camera, guaranteeing a high level of protection for any property.

In the last 12 months, there have been like 50 million iPhones that have been replaced and a lot of people keep that old phone and iPad because … what do you do with these things? If you sell them, who knows if your private information will be comprised,” stated Gene Wang, People Power CEO.

In order to profit from this ingenious method of deterring burglars, people with old Apple devices just have to download the innovative cost-free app on two gadgets, one used as a monitor, and the other one as a camera, set in a location you want to supervise around the clock. The old iOS device should be used to display real-time camera feed. This doesn’t mean that the user should analyze the feedat all times. Due to a motion detection feature, the homeowner is immediately alerted via email, in the event that a potential threat is detected. In such cases, owners receive a 5-second video allowing them to identify and address the problem fast and effectively.

The developer of People Power plans to take his concept to a whole new level, promising improved HD video quality and various other significant improvements in the near future. At this point in time, the app introduced by Gene Wang seems to be a viable solution for people willing to cut corners when it comes to finding and implementing a convenient security system.

While the home security market is constantly welcoming new competitors launching hi-tech security systems matching the needs of a wide range of prospects, entrepreneurs like Gene Wang seem committed to finding a viable substitute for costly home security solutions. This whole new approach allows iPhone and iPad users to turn their old, no longer wanted and needed gadget into simple, yet highly effective home security cameras and save big in the process.

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