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New App Enables Owners to Convert Old Phones into HD Security Cameras


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Numerous homeowners who want to feel safe and comfortable at all times on their property consider investing in smart, sophisticated security system equipment. Unfortunately, most home security systems based on cutting-edge technology carry enormous price tags and intimidate a large segment of potential buyers with limited financial possibilities. This is one of the main reasons why DIY security solutions have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Uwatchit, a reputable Australian company, has good news for those who want to give a newmeaning to their old phones and profit from an amazing surveillance app and affordable HD security cameras. Their 20:20 app coverts old smartphones into surveillance cameras for home or business use. Clients can test a truly accessible monitoring system, with a little help from Uwatchit. All clients have to do is download the app, install the camera in the right location, use a second phone as a monitoring device, and you can analyze camera footage in real time.

“20:20 is an amazing app that transforms two Android devices into an advanced, hi-tech security system, allowing you to watch over and protect all of the things you care about. By linking two (or more) mobile devices together the app turns one device into high-definition security cameras, the other into a live surveillance monitoring system. […] 20:20 has advanced motion detection built in, as well as in-app alerts and built-in intruder alarms. You can also share the live camera feed to your friends and family’s phones and tablets,”

explain company representatives on their website.

Moreover, according to Uwatchit representatives, their ingenious solution displays the same features and advantages provided by a high-end home security system and could easily trigger considerable financial savings of up to $1,000 for any user who might be willing to put the 20:20 app to the test. All in all, the 20:20 Security Camera App introduced by Uwatchit brings you a wide range of benefits, including remote access, advanced alarm functions, cloud access and sharing possibilities (yes, by using this app you can easily encourage your virtual friends to boost your home’s security, view camera footage, receive alarms and even control the settings of your camera). At this point, the app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Uwatchit is also planning to create and introduce a new version compatible with iOS devices.

Undoubtedly, not all homeowners have a second smartphone that they no longer use. Uwatchit is fully aware of this, and offers people the chance to invest $140 in a HD phone, download their app and get their new, portable, simple, cost-efficient security solution running in no time. The company also provides mounting accessories and the expert guidance that users might need to enjoy a flawless home monitoring experience.

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