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New Affordable Video Surveillance Solution Introduced by FLIR


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Because more than 2.2 million burglaries are reported every single year all across the U.S., more and more people feel compelled to invest in state-of-the-art to protect their loved ones and their assets at all times. Fortunately, do everything in their power to come up with reliable, sophisticated, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions, allowing residents to attain peace of mind in their own environments. Some of them choose to play the affordability card, launching accessible products that could be purchased and installed by a larger segment of buyers.

FLIR has recently unveiled its new SPS (Site Protection Solution), a highly reliable, versatile video security solution, based on advanced thermal cameras, which is suitable for any type of open areas and functions flawlessly in any given set of circumstances. The product is the result of the company’s partnership with VideoIQ.

Our new Site Protection Solution is a powerful combination of thermal cameras and intelligent, adaptive analytics from VideoIQ that provides reliable video security of perimeters and large open areas at any time of the day or night,” stated Bill Klink from FLIR.

FLIR demonstrates the fact that security solutions based on cutting-edge technology aren’t necessarily expensive. Moreover, the company enables users to create an effective virtual perimeter without breaking the bank to support their objective. The video surveillance security solution introduced by FLIR can be implemented to secure various wide areas, including athletic fields, parking lots and rooftops, for only 10 cents per square foot. The 2.1 MP high-definition cameras provided by FLIR can also be added to this affordable SPS. If and when a threat is detected, the system sends an automated alarm via mobile or email, enabling the owner to take action in record time.

With over 50 lens and sensor resolution combinations to choose from, the SPS is sure to have just the right combination of coverage, range, and detail needed to create a reliable virtual perimeter at a surprisingly low cost. Perimeter protection solutions like fence lines can be secured with SPS for as little as $5 per linear foot of coverage. Wide area coverage applications, like rooftops, car impound lots, and athletic fields can be secured for as little as $0.10 per square foot. All of this without the need to install the typical lighting infrastructure needed for visible cameras to work,” reveal FLIR representatives.

and perimeter security solutions are a real necessity these days, when thieves seem to be less intimidated by technological breakthroughs and much more motivated to overcome any impediments. According to the FBI’s most recent report, thieves stole assets worth no less than $15.5 billion in 2012 all across the U.S. (cars worth a total $3.8 billion, electronics estimated at $756 million and livestock worth $15.6 million). In this context, it goes without saying that supplementary measures of precaution are always welcomed, and that affordable security solutions should be considered a smart investment in the long term.

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