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Most Americans Not Concerned About Good Home Security Habits, Data Shows


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Despite a growing number of Americans who are investing in , studies show that a large percentage of the country’s population does not practice good home security habits. Even with a security system in place, these studies show that most Americans still feel secure despite their poor habits and that many do not even use the security measures they have installed in their home. Some of these habits include failing to turn on their security system, failing to lock doors and windows when they leave or during the overnight hours, and failing to use other safety systems, such as carbon monoxide detectors and emergency medical kits.

ADT, one of the most well-known home security companies in the country, conducted a recent poll that shed some light on this issue.

The survey revealed that 68% of respondents claim a home security or automation system increases the value of a home; however, only 29% of respondents have such a system. While 18% of respondents would not buy a home in a neighborhood where many homes had monitoring systems, 58% of respondents would immediately install a system upon buying a new house.”

The low number of prospective homeowners that would buy a house in an area where many houses already have a security system as compared to those who would install a system in a new home is greatly contrasted, which may indicate that while people feel safer with one in place, they do not consider it a major factor in buying a home.

Further factors that were researched in this poll show that not only do Americans feel secure without a security system in place all the time, but they also feel that other accidents or home security and safety problems will not occur in their homes.

The survey shows that while nearly one hundred percent of homes in the country have a smoke detector, only a little over half have a carbon monoxide detector. Less than half have an emergency first aid kit, and only slightly over a quarter of all homes have a security system in place. Two to five percent have none of these safety measures in place. While over half cited price as the reason they do not have these systems, well over thirty percent of those polled felt that they didn’t need to worry about crime or other safety issues. However, despite these numbers, the sales of  remain steady.


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