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Many Homeowners Fail to Secure Cars When Parked at Home, Studies Show


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car theftOther than their homes and properties, the biggest investment homeowners make is in their vehicles. However, recent polls show that a large number of American homeowners fail to secure their car while it is parked in their driveway, even if they may lock it when it is parked elsewhere. It is this false sense of security thatleads to unlocked vehicles being stolen, vandalized, and even siphoned of their gasoline while their owners sleep. should extend to any car that is parked on the property to avoid car theft, costly repairs, and high insurance deductibles.

The American Alarm and Communications, Inc. website suggests that in order to keep vehicles that are parked at a residence safe, homeowners should include their safety “as part of your , include perimeter sensors on all doors and windows, and motion sensors outside. This way, lights will turn on as thieves enter your driveway, deterring them from breaking into or stealing your cars. An even better method of deterring and catching would-be criminals is installing a video surveillance system toward all main entrances and your driveway. The benefit of this is obvious; any attempted (or successful) break-in will be documented, providing indisputable proof of wrong-doing — and giving local police authorities solid evidence to track down the culprits.”

By remembering that many criminals will access a home through the driveway, especially at night when they are less likely to be seen, homeowners can reduce the risk of their cars being stolen.

While many car owners are vigilant about locking their cars while they are parked in public lots, they are a bit more lax about locking them at night because most assume that because they know everyone who lives nearby, their cars are safe. However, because many thieves come from other locations in order to survey houses and vehicles that look vulnerable, unlocked vehicles are at a high risk of car theft.

In addition to adding motion sensors and other security to the driveway area and entrance, homeowners also should make sure that their cars are securely locked and that no valuables can be viewed through the windows. In order to prevent gas siphoning, car gas caps should be fitted with a lock that cannot be easily removed. If the vehicle does not come with a locking cap, then owners can buy one that fits their car’s make and model at any major automotive store.

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