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Why Maintaining Your Home Security System Is Important


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Anyone can have a home security system installed, use it, and then let it sit. However, just like with other appliances or systems in your home maintaining your home security system is important to it working the way you want it to. Many folks are unsure how to maintain their security system, but it’s really a pretty simple thing. Here’s a few things you can do to make sure your home security system is working at its best.

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Check Your Home Security System Batteries

While most of the newer home security systems will notify you if a battery is losing power or goes dead, it is still a good idea to check the batteries on your security system sensors every once in a while. General battery life averages about 3-4 years if not a little longer, but there’s always that one battery that doesn’t do the trick for that long. Rather than wait to get a notification (which may not come) it’s best to check your sensor batteries once every few months to make sure they’re working.

Check Your Home Security System Control Panel

The control panel is a pretty smart device, however, it can’t take care of itself. It’s a good idea to keep your control panel clean, and to check its indicator lights and keypad buttons. Oil, dirt, and other things from your hand can transfer to the control panel as it’s the most used device with your home security system. Give it a good wipe down once every few weeks during a house cleaning, and unplug it and plug it back in to make sure all the indicator lights are working properly.

Put Your Home Security System In “Test Mode”

Another great way to make sure your home security system is working is to put it in “test mode” and trigger the system. Some control panel’s have this feature built in to the system so you can do tests when you need to. Others you’ll have to contact your home security company to have them assist you and shut off your communication to the monitoring station for a short time. Regardless, ask your security system company about the best way to test your home security system while in test mode to make sure things are working.

Keeping your home security system maintained and in good working order is not only important to keeping your home and family safe, but will save you from having to purchase a new security system or new devices every few years. Taking time once every few months to make sure your system is in proper working order can save you a lot of time and money down the line, and could save you in the event you have a burglary or another emergency at the home. You can learn more about maintaining a home security system and other home security information by reading our security system blog and security system reviews.

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