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Low-Tech Home Security Could Soon Be Obsolete, Trends Show


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As technology advances, so do the electronics that consumers invest in: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronics. Even as these advances were made, however, remained almost the same, tripping the alarm and electronically notifying authorities with no homeowner involvement, except in the aftermath. Today, things are rapidly changing in the area of home security, and nearly every aspect of the technology is changing, from the way the home is monitored to how homeowners can become more involved in remotely monitoring their property, both inside and out.

Major , such as Honeywell, are offering systems that not only monitor homes to prevent crime but can also control other aspects of it as well.

Security istransitioning from being a stand-alone product and service, if you will, to being part of a much broader universe of offerings, which have become as much lifestyle as life safety,” says Jonathan Klinger, vice president of marketing for Honeywell. For example, Honeywell offers a service through local installers called Total Connect that lets users monitor temperature changes in their houses, adjust lighting, close garage doors, and remotely unlock front doors to let plumbers and other service workers in.

The shift in  technology is more toward how the homeowner wants to interact with it; however, that does not make it less effective. In fact, the technology that has been invented in regards to these systems has made them more sensitive than ever, with wireless cameras and smartphone apps that allow homeowners to turn security lights off and on, check the locks on windows and doors, and even view the interior of their home when they are miles away. These new apps and increased technology have allowed users to become more involved with their homes’ security while giving major security companies the chance to keep up with current technology trends.

Wireless technology has also changed the way that  operate, and one of the main reasons for this is because many Americans are canceling their land line phone systems in favor of their cell phones. Being able to offer people a wireless security alarm system will allow major companies to offer a variety of packages to those who have gotten rid of their landlines, thus avoiding a slump in sales. There is no doubt that these security systems will continue to evolve in the future, giving homeowners even more options when it comes to keeping their homes safe.

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