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Lincoln Residents Purchase and Install Security System Equipment to Deal with Rash of Burglaries


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Lincoln Residents Purchase and Install Security System Equipment to Deal with Rash of Burglaries  - Security System NewsThese days, it seems virtually impossible to attain peace of mind in your own home, unless you benefit from superior protection provided by a state-of-the-art. Even people who live in rather small communities are exposed to considerable safety risks and have to start implementing basic preventive measures to avoid or limit property damage and financial losses.

Homeowners and business owners from Lincoln, Maine, have recently reached the conclusion that effective crime prevention strategies are their last hope. Most of them are terrified by a rash of burglaries reported in different areas of their town. People who have already recorded significant financial losses seem eager to take this matter into their own hands, as law enforcement representatives have a hard time trying to apprehend the suspects involved in this string of burglaries.

Officials from the local Police Department counted no less than 32 burglaries, recorded in Lincoln and its surrounding areas, since July. So far, police officers seem unable to address the residents’ concerns, but still hope to make a few arrests soon.

 Now [police] are trying to track down witnesses who have heard or seen something. There is some evidence that we will be using at the next grand jury,”  affirmed Christopher Almy, the Penobscot County District Attorney.

According to Lincoln police representatives, burglars have managed to get away with sums ranging from $50 to approximately $2,000 per burglary. Unfortunately, the owners have already lost a higher amount of money, taking into account the extensive property damage associated with the string of criminal acts that still make Lincoln residents tremble in fear.

While police officers are bending over backwards to gather solid evidence leading to successful arrests and prosecutions, home and business owners are more and more concerned about their own safety. Some of them have already purchased and installed the very , acknowledging that price tags become irrelevant when their own lives are on the line.

Surprisingly, numerous residents admit that they have never felt the need to lock their doors and windows prior to these incidents. The rash of burglaries has made them reconsider and now all security-conscious homeowners are double-checking window and door locks, as well as installing modern. Moreover, business owners keep their stores well-lit 24/7 and spare little expense, when it comes to protecting their houses by implementing top home security systems.

I lived in this town all my life. Growing up, we never had to lock our doors. It’s not that way anymore, that’s for sure,”  explained Holly Russell, the owner of a local hair salon targeted by the team of burglars responsible for this new string of property crimes.

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Author – Emily is a 10 year veteran of the home security industry working in sales. She was a top sales person at leading home security companies, but has shifted her focus to working on helping consumers make the right decisions.

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